Sunday, May 13, 2012

What a mom really wants on Mother's Day

I told my neighbor/friend my plan. 

Go see my mom. Go on to see my friend in Joplin and attend an event she organized.  Then come back through Tulsa and see my mom actually on mother's day. Get away from my schedule for a few days.

"Well all I want from my family is for them to be nice and get along, " she said.

"Me too!" I replied.

And I meant it I could not think of a better gift you could give your mother than to love your siblings, respect them and speak kind, encouraging words into their lives that help them become better people.

So that's my prayer and hope that one day I'll be able to say I got my gift.

Then I got in that car and drove away from my first born and Mr. Incredible with the girls for girl night at my mother's house.

So what did my heart come away from the weekend?

Home is worth the investment, day in and day out. 
Changing the lives of those God's given you to raise. 
Children are a blessing. Really!
These are the things eternal, the things lasting, the things worth doing well.