Wish List

These are a few of my current favorite things. I have finally figured out that my friends and family (with an exception or 2) have no idea what I really like so I am trying to help them out. You may even find a thing or two you need or like.

found this book at Anthropologie which is a lovely store that would be a splurge for me

found this nifty under armour hoodie at academy and here online great for winter running and skiing...

you know workout clothes are a good idea for me b/c I enjoy that, I hardly ever splurge on a cool matching outfit but wouldn't that look cool in all those race pics?

Favorite online sites...

Dayspring gifts  lots of beautiful stuff


worldcraft is an organization that gives jobs to those who need them around the globe, they sell nativity sets from all over the world....

Really anything orange I'd go nuts over right now.

I love to cook, LOVE it. FAvorite cooks- the pioneer woman, barefoot contessa

I need...

a good candy thermometer - 

I have been looking for a new dinnerware for a year now and found nothing I love so much to post, still looking...

Did you know that I collect mr. potato head's?

and nativity scenes from foreign countries?

I also really LOVE children's books. Especially clever ones. And no one ever gets me these.

I do like jewelry and it's one of those things I talk my self out of a lot. That and designer jeans. Cody bought me 2 pairs for Christmas a few years back and I wore them till they fell off. normally a size 6
but some stores run small and others big

Here's some jewelry to look at and get ideas, these are all internet stuff, all the boutiques around here have great stuff too. I love lots of color yet basic pieces that can get a lot of wear. I love the real stuff too and hope to get a new wedding ring one of these days, I have 2 girls and want to pass on one to both girls- that means I'll need 2 sets :)

Antique Marketplace in Duncan has a lot of fun jewelry and cute clothes

Found these online here 

And while we are discussing t-shirts- I want one of these too....I wear a medium

a fun internet t-shirt company made them 

I also love instruments, the more unique the better. I have several drums, kid percussion, wind instruments, guitars, a violin, a ukulele and a kids accordion but a music teacher can NEVER have enough instruments.

I could use a new pair of cute gardening gloves,

Have you ever heard of etsy? You are missing out....check it out, hand crafted, CUTE! stuff.

I am hunting a new Camera bag but I am particular in my hunt, so I'll update when I find the right one...