Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

If you know me well you'll know I have sent out a Christmas DVD the last 4 years. Since I have stepped it up this year with myspace, blog, and facebook I didn't do one to send out but I did want to include a little bit of how we celebrate Christmas with those who may check this out

and of course a picture or two...

The drama queen and the family clown/entertainer, which we discoverd Charis looks much similar to Cady at this age

Getting ready to ride in the parade.

I'll do an after Christmas post as well - I didn't think I was that busy this year and I have done much better than last year in staying organized and together. It only took like 9 hours to get us 5 packed and to Tulsa. I am avoiding Walmart like you all...and am enjoying having the internet again. We haven't had it at the house for 3 weeks, I feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth.

You have to check my lorislessons blog (the link is on the side bar) I posted a video of me playing silent night on the violin, my new thing of the month this month.

Funny's - okay yesterday my daughter was in tears, the dramatic one, because I informed her there wouldn't be snow for Christmas this year, she can go from jumping up and down giddyness to all out sobs quicker than anyone I know

Charis loves Candy canes and hates shoes and socks. Cody is convinced she'll get married barefooted. Silas is still with us I promise, I realized I have nothing about him here. He's been pretty lowkey the last few weeks, proven a great hard worker bringing in fire wood and taking care of Charis. We are working on character issues. Graditude and Appreciation, Giving and Attitudes. He is doing well in school and his hair has grown out. I love it!!!!

Speaking of firewood it's been very cold here, but no moisture so no snow, bummer.

My laptop is sick, hopefully help is on the way. I think I got the facebook thing settled. What a pain.

What else??? As I look back on the month/year and think of what I did -does it really matter? The only real question is how many people did I witness come to Christ this year? I can think of several that have made movements toward Christ but time will tell if the seeds are taking root. My girls from camp, parents from school, students, my own kids- my hardest assignment. While I see definte questioning and seeking they still don't understand the power of being forgiven, of full redemption, of amazing grace and his favor. My prayer is that they will in his timing. and for so many others too, so many people just don't get it. I just try to help those around me. I really can't think about taking on the world at this point.

I am about to finish the Karen Kingsbury Redemption series- all 14 books- in 3 months . My mom'll be so proud. My own books - on the back burner so to speak.

I am working more now than ever, still watching the little girl and taking on as many lessons as I can. Letting some things go but I should let more go. These are precious years with my kids that I'll never get back.

I am rambling while I wait for this video to download, you'll be lucky if it makes it I am getting tired. Tomorrow the presents begin! 3 days of festivus. I think I did well this year for my family. Cody has no clue what I got him... last year we both guessed then he pulled off a sneaky thing at the last, getting me the complete willow tree nativity set and redoing my ring with the kids birthstones (since we added Charis). It's a beautiful ring. (my drama queen can't stand the fact her little sis's stone is pink and hers is green)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dec. update

Well I've been hacked I guess, my facebook account. Merry Christmas from the post modern world. I will post some things soon but for now we are going to Tulsa for a couple of days. I can't believe it's Christmas already, we've been offline for a couple of weeks so sorry no new updates.

We've been partying and performing. I had 5 performances this season. I have lots of pics and video! Hopefully I can get the hacker thing figured out and get online again. Stay tuned....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nov. 15th bout time for a post huh

My life is fast paced, so this will be short. Let's see what's in the bags this week-

we are redoing our kitchen and flooring throughout the house after Christmas (hopefully to be done by end of March) so I have been pricing, measuring, meeting with contractors, getting bids, etc . I am excited but this is going to be like moving- yikes

my kids performed for the first time on stage this morning- Cady would have a great career at stand up comedy if she knew how funny she was off the cuff but she doesn't pine for the stage. Silas loves the stage, he played an original piece on guitar and was a werewolf in a group act. This is all part of 4 H which is a new activity for my kids this year. It has proven to be a lot of fun.

Charis is into climbing onto everything. Cody had her 3 hours this morning and she wore him out. She's still into toilet water.

Cody is cooking chili for his man night of UFC with all his buddies. We've been busy in an exciting way at church with lots of salvations, new faces and renewing spirit of God moving in people's hearts. Our marriage has never been better, still laughing and having fun together.

I've begun Christmas prep. Hopefully I'll get it together this year...last year was a little weak.
I am really trying to keep it simple. All the while thanksliving this month.

Blogation, I have to fix dinner. Let me wrap this up while Charis is bonking her head for the 100th time....I am dreaming of art and theatre camps for the summer??? Lots of talent around here. I was inspired last week by a music therapist. Music is awesome! Speaking of dreams, I had such a disturbing one last night I had to check online to make sure it really hadn't happened. I know stange huh.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

My Week

Let's start with with last Sat. Oct 25-

wake up to Charis coughing like a seal
5 calls to the three of our closest family for a get together for Charis' birthday
Burn CD for friends having to work the weekend
ice Charis cake and cupcakes
drive to Duncan, trick or treat on main street
take Cd to friends
birthday party with cousins

Walmart run with 3 kids- yikes

Oct. 26

Charis' 1st birthday! we made it! yea!!! still coughing
make a bow for the cute birthday dress
sunday school, coffee, nursery duty- cupcakes with toddlers????what was I thinking???
gifts from our church family, they are so precious to us
the first cake devouring with dad
nap for Charis, mom reads her new Kingsbury( I actually finished 2 books this week)
ga's, ra's women's bible study- I love my traveling buddies (week 5 stepping up, beth moore)

Oct. 27

Shyann here by 7:30,
kids out the door by 8
piano lesson by 9
on our way to norman for dr. apt. by 10:30
Dr. Fox affirms my diagnosis - Charis has croupe, gets on steriods - yeah
check on Cody's Christmas present, it's not going to work- argh!
head home , girls sleep, I council a friend about a family situation and a different friend about her daughters interest in heaven's actual place in the universe
3:30 kids home, lessons start preparing for a recital- calling all kids/parents/etc.
4:00 Shyann gone home
6:00 chips and cheese for dinner, dad's away at a conference
7:00 we are practicing guitar and reading books , no tv!!
8:30 time for some kingsbury- fame I think was the book

Oct. 28

with Shyann and Charis we hit duncan for a car load- envelopes for my dad, 30 pumpkins for Wed. night, walmart trip (of Course), all the while talking on the phone!
one lesson at 5, Cody comes home, not too happy to see a house full of neighborhood kids
make 6 dozen cookies for church the next night
I have visions of cleaning my house but my feet can't seem to move once I put the kids to bed

Oct. 29

meet other moms at 8:30 to unload pumpkins and set up for that night
work on info sheets for family night at church, we are sending packages to orphans in India, wrap a shoebox, find newspapers, knives, all the while on the phone (Kathy -sorry if the minutes go over this month, people are in need)
3:30- 6 students, 3 kids, 1 shyann, 1 husband at one time- what to come over???
5:00 last student, cook dinner (fish sticks and mac and cheese) while listening to the looney tunes theme song- she nailed it!
6:00 head to church for a family night and pumpkin carving

8:30 wow, what just happened? 25 families came and had an awesome time- parents and kids are getting saved- everything went smoothly

we go over it with the fam while watching the pumpkins shine

Oct. 30

Recital day, shyann's back (the almost 2 year old I keep)she sleeps from 7:30-noon, working all day on recital programs, putting youtube videos with the kids songs for a multimedia theme song recital

11am boy Charis is quiet- omg, the worst mess of all 3 kids- purple food coloring paste all over her and the kitchen floor! I'll laugh one day

at 2pm I walk with my favorite neighbor and we catch up over our lives (much to talk about)

3:30 kids are back for lessons

5:30 make shift dinner and parent teacher conference

6:30 hit the church for the recital to find many already there, so much for practicing before

check the technology agh, we had all the videos preset and had to refresh theme....5 guitars to tune, pre performance jitters, the people kept pouring in.....had a great recital! I love my students, thank you Cody for watching the kids

8:30 time for more kingsbury- on forgiven by now

Oct. 31

sleep in , day off? really ?

7:30 dad calls, when ya'll leaving? did you the envelopes? where are we going to meet

8:30 on the road to Cody's mom's surgery in Edmond ( north of OKC) reading kingsbury , it's getting good!

10:30 visit with nana pawpaw and their friends (ours too) kids get tired of the hospitol

11- lunch with my parents for mom's birthday (monday) dad finally gets those envelopes

12:30 hit lifeway, wow Charis is doing great, she's such a go with the flow kid

1- back at hospitol, chase Charis around the waiting room, get word nana's good head to Lowes, check prices on wood for a project we are sponsoring in the morning

then we check at a smaller store....

4:30 are home and Cody wants t o go to duncan and trick or treat at the churches- get kids dressed up, I guess we'll have candy for dinner....( boy did the hotdog at Bethel hit the spot)

fyi walmart on halloween is empty- great time to shop

8pm home boys go the the home football game, girls in bed, mom takes a bubble bath and finishes another book , I think I'm addicted

and then Saturday Nov. 1st

how did we make it though this week? only by the grace of God- I spend some time telling him how much I love him, he tells me about himself as well

cereal, cartoons, clean house? nah, we'll put it off another day

9 am head to a local widow's home to put in a porch- I organized it for our ladies Bible study mission project, we got the guys there and they did most of it , we painted, moved lumber, got drinks, food, supplies and put in an shower wall.....God bless Sylvia and all those cats...

2pm wow Charis is a good baby, done more mission work in her first year of life than most of our church members- oh our car wouldn't start, just an inconvience....

3-4 try to relax a bit

4- trick or treat party at friends house

5:30 trick or treating in our town- a big deal, hundreds of kids

7:30 the party moves to our house for some football, go sooners!

9 pm who would believe this kind of week? I must write it or I'll forget it all! I love my life, don't get me wrong but I need some r & r.....see ya

I apologize for the space but after this week and spending the last hour trying to upload the same pictures, I am fed up with and publishing no matter what it looks like - argh!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

October's post

Well I have gotten busy, God's at work here, no time to play. He really is and it's so exciting. Parents of kids in my kids classes that have been praying for for years are coming to Christ, being baptised...we are praying for deep roots in these new believers. We love you guys!

I am waiting on my husband to finish watching UFC so we can go to bed. Seems like I get to write once a month lately hence the post's name.

I wish I were writing more, but I keep a little girl still 40 hours a week on top of my real job - teaching music, I mean my real job- managing this household.

We got the coolest thing today from my cute mail deliver (Cody)...a package with Charis' trick or treating costume ( we are all going to be star wars characters)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toteing Charis Around the United States

I wish I had a pic of us in the airport last week, I had her in a front carrier, a backpack and a pull suitcase, they charge now for checking in bags so I took ours on the plane and since I was by myself I could pull a bag and push a stroller. Luckily she still fit in the carrier. We were quite a sight I am sure. Charis wasn't feeling well most of the trip but still was a great traveler. We really felt blessed to go, the Lord provided work so I could afford to go. I love my family so much, I am glad I got to go be a part of Deb's newest adventure. I also got to see her school and hang out with Nate's cool family. We swam, watched a lot of movies and played the wii, I scored 569 on power bowling.

Couldn't resist posting my care bear in this toy tote.
My sis and her new baby Judah Brenton, why we went to FL

In other news- I've added a new Bible study to the church tote, Stepping Up by Beth Moore- it's on the psalms. Good so far. She's got us on our faces each day before the Lord, literally. It should be good discipline.

I am still keeping Shyann during the day, she had a good week.

My lessons are going well. I have 11 paying students (4 guitar, 4 piano, 2 piano but want to be in voice) and 3 non paying, my 2 kids and a sitter swapper (she takes voice and is a God send) . God is so good to always provide for us no matter how much I fret.

My totes are full, coming and going as always.

I have to add one more non tote picture. my kids are in a small town school and everyone goes all out for homecoming, today's theme is I wish I were.... So I pulled together a Jedi knight costume for silas and Cady was really on her own. She is Barbie. A cute one huh.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Joy found!

I found it here in this tote of all places, it's what I carry my Bible in. I have tried to minimize and just carry a Bible to church but the teacher in me needs pens, highlighters and notebooks so I have this tote. Suits me. Yup I don't know why I look in all those other totes for happiness and satisfaction when a good "coming to Jesus" was all I needed. I will say this that that other tote of the new day time child has provided new perspective as well. She cries all day for her momma. Still to be determined if it's going to be a fit with our family, I don't even like my kids crying. And all she wants is her momma. But I am now treasuring this time with my arms full of little ones to love.

Well the kids are back in school, my lessons are getting started, a schedule has begun again. So here are the new lunch boxes. In these totes holds the key to an okay mom and a great mom- notes and Reeces cups.

I forgot about showing you these new totes. Is there a theme here? Black is very versatile. The top left is my out and about purse, you know when I get to go out without kids. I paid 50 cent for at a garage sale. I have yet to use it.

The top right is a cool Old Navy bag. It's Charis', has front pockets for bottles/etc. and I am doing well not to over pack. ( you know totegirl is synonymis with pack rat) Again 50 cent at the same garage sale.

The one on the bench is my sleek computer bag, except the laptop I have (cody's old one) is too large for the padded section, it works though. $3 at yes another garage sale. I love a good deal! This bag is the one I take to church and it gets crowded quick.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Joy's missing- Check the totebags

Well I have been at my current job a little over 8 years now and I don’t know about the rest of ya but I guess it’s normal to get the same ‘ol job blues. Long hours, low pay, momentous tasks, same faces, same places, yadayada. In addition to my full time job I have been working part time as a music teacher. I also volunteer a lot, I make time for it I guess between the full time and part time but looks like with additional responsibilities to the full time job the volunteering is going to have to cut down sadly. I have been giving up my tv time at night to pursue a book dream. That fit’s into the dream category, not work.
At times it’s a little hard to stay focused and here lately I’ve lost the joy I used to know at this kind of work. I have no intention of quitting this job, 9 years ago I so desperately wanted it and my knees shook when I got hired. I do want the joy back though so I am on a journey to find it. Meanwhile God let me know what he thinks about work, he’s so faithful to help me out even in this hard place I’ve found myself in.

1 Sam. 26:23 The Lord gives his own reward for doing good and for being loyal
Colossians 3:23 Work hard and cheerfully at whatever you do, as though working for the Lord rather than people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward
1 Peter 5:2 Care for the flock God entrusted to you. Watch over it willingly, not grudgingly-not for what you will get out of it, but because you are eager to serve God.
Titus 2:5,7 Live wisely and be pure, take care of your homes, to do good and be submissive…then you won’t bring shame on the word of God…you yourself must be an example by doing good deeds of every kind. Let everything you do reflect the integrity and seriousness of your teaching

We’ve had a new addition to the day crew at my work. She’s 19 mo., cute with big brown eyes and curly blonde hair and this is her tote. Charis enjoys getting into it. This has been an interesting 2 days she misses her mama pretty bad..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In the last month....

We've gotten pretty lazy, though the older kids are sleeping in and I am usually up with Charis by 7. I have been trying to eat healthier and exercise but boy it's hard to get motivated.

We welcomed family and friends around the fourth of July

Cady's booming salon business gets a new customer- my good friend Kasey Parr

The cousins on my side of the family, we call this the Hallelujah picture, Charis was sleeping..

Well I considered going back to work at the Duncan Middle School but as far as I can discern the will of God I am going to remain where I am, teaching at home- the three kids God's blessed me with and the students God has placed in my hand to train. I am excited about a new year. My middle school student show new potential and drive. I have an 8th grader and a 7th grader.

Then we got sick...the stomach thing, it messed with our get a way to Ft. Worth. Nausea and 100 degree temps don't mix well.

Then we did Bible School the last week in July. Pretty awesome, several kids interested in salvation. We wrapped up Wet and Wild Wed. (my creation, my first book idea too, one of these days I hope to finish it) And the first of Aug. we started Bible Olympics on Sunday mornings. This has fueled my desire for all things China, esp. adoption. While my husband says we can't I am praying for a friend to- (it may be you!).

Lest I forget the annual Velma Picnic that first weekend in August too. Rodeo, carnival rides and food...hanging out with the locals...this was our sixth year to attend. It usually messes with my anniversary but not this year. Sat. they had a pee wee rodeo and of course who but me dragged her kids out in 105 degree weather to compete? Cady ended up winning the goat feeding contest ( they say she'd had practice with Charis but I think she just happen to find the hungriest goat). Silas while never winning an event place well enough in each one that he actually won more money. Yes there was cash prizes and that is why we stayed 2 and 1/2 hours out there, Charis knawled on ice to keep cool. Anyway the boy came home with 18$ and Cady 12$, Cody says that's more than he's ever won at the rodeo. He didn't get to compete this year. As many of you know he is desparate to win an event at this thing. And we are praying he does just that - and better sooner than later.

So now we find ourselves in Tulsa with my parents for the week hoping to get away before heading back to school. We always like to get away for our anniversary and since Charis and I are still "attached" we found this to be the only option. One of the things about having a baby is lack of travel. We were getting pretty spoiled to the big kids and our mutual love for the road trip. Now we have new one to train.

gas to tulsa- $120, hanging out with parents- interesting and 0$ , steak dinner $50, a few new nice things- $75 ,celebrating 12 years of marriage to the one man who can still make me laugh- priceless. ( I love you Cody!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Many thoughts today...I love summer, the casual relaxed feeling...time to do new things, finish things, waking up late, having time to visit without a set schedule, the POOL. Our town pool is up and going finally after an overhaul and we are enjoying it. I'll highlight several of our projects and accomplishments this week.

Silas and I set a summer goal to ride our bicycles to his ball field, I have not idea how far it is... and this morning we did it! He is collecting Indiana Jones paraphernalia. We have yet to see the new movie but might soon. We have heard it's not worth seeing in the theatre. Any reviews?

Cady's goal, (today) is to open her own salon, here is the sign she posted on her door. She's had a few clients and she is anxiously awaiting Charis' hair to grow.

Charis so far is the more traveled one having made it last week to southern California. She and I are still attached and she proved to be quite the traveler switching time zones well and enjoying the plane ride. She's a 3rd child , go with the flow is her middle name.....she has accomplished crawling and likes the pool.

Cody has perfected his diesel refinery and accomplished making his own fuel. He is also preparing our family for the end of the posperous age, making sure we can survive a total economic collapse that he is convinced we as a nation are headed for.

This next part I have written 3 times and lost, I have a feeling someone doesn't want it published.....

Speaking of the breakdown of the nation , I feel it's directly linked to the breakdown of the family. History backs that up, great civilizations have fallen because of their immorality. what shocks me is the abundance of it among believers. Oh that our families be protected from the homosexual agenda, from the onslaught of porn and the abuse of alcohol and drugs (prescription included) I could go on but I have written this 3 times.....We are hearing save the earth everywhere, lets save the nation and save the family. So what are we to do? Teach our children. More now than ever they need to know God's truth. We must not give law with out grace that is legalism, not only is it unattractive it's not Christlike. Grace without discipline is the unstable man....It's Grace and Wisdom, Charis Sophia (greek meanings). So at all costs save the family and follow Jesus!

Oh I almost forgot my kicks this summer- tie dye, chicken salad and tea. Got any suggestions or recipes?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

In San Diego

I am in San Diego. I am here with my Charis and 3 college students from Velma. We are having a great time, tomorrow is our biggest ministry day, we'll be helping with a block party. Today was a tea party with the ladies of the new church start Cross Church San Diego. Check out their website I'll update with more when we return but I'll leave you with pics from our tea in Old Town

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kids are at Granny & Poppy's

What a blessing my parents are to me. I hope I repay them well for all they have done for me. An ride to Tulsa opened up and we let the kids go to spend several days with my parents. When I checked in today Silas reported they get to do whatever they want and they had gone to McDonalds twice already and they haven't been there 24 hours yet. Charis and I are gearing up for a mission trip next week to San Diego with some college students, catching up on the to-do list here and spending some quality time. I'd like to scrapbook some. My sis-in-law and I did a garage sale yesterday, I asked God for $200 to take on my trip, I think I had that much and a little more, he knows what I need I just have to trust him. God is so good to all of us. Cody and I sat and ate in our home last night take out after Charis went to bed- he said he felt like Larry and Jan (our neighbors) who are recently retired (at 61!) It was very pleasant. We rarely eat alone together and especially not in our own home. We are going to a wedding tonight (with a dancing reception, I love those) so I better go. I am leaving you a pic of charis and her thoughts (read the bib)...............

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well this morning I called Dr. Atchley's office to schedule an appointment for Cadence. After a health screening at school showed a problem we waited till school was out to make the apt. They got me in at 11am and by 3 we had glasses on my little girl. She looks smart huh! She loves them, please don't spoil it. I am still in shock.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FAlls Creek- 12 kids decide to follow Christ!

I loved camp as a kid. I attended New Life Camp on Durant Rd as a 3rd, 4th and 5th grader and loved it all, from mastering the zip line at the lake to finding a boyfriend to tetherball and jammed fingers. I have directed and sponsored camp more times than I can count... and still love it. But never have I brought a baby and never have I only had 4 girls to council. It was great. 2 decided to follow Christ and I introduced them to the great adventure....One was already a follower and the other isn't ready, but knows the word and I feel God is working on her. I am posting a pic of us at the Devil's Bathtub waterfall that we hike to. We took 17 boys, 10 of them made decisions and the last 2 nights (while we've been finishing up the ball the season) I've been talking on the sidelines to families about their faith walks.

Friday, May 16, 2008

This week in the life of the Deevers

This week is Silas' birthday and Cady's graduation. We did both events last night. Cady was dramatic to say the least at her graduation, entertaining as always. Silas added his 2 cents, when a boy couldn't remember his lines I think you can hear him on the video saying"Stage fright". It was a great program. We cried. She had 28 kids in her class, almost unbelievable huh, so few but we like it. Silas got a 4 wheeler for his birthday (along with a helmet) now we can't wait for rain! Tomorrow another ball tournament, Charis is sitting up now,too. (That's Dillon in the pic, her baseball buddie, if you are comparing sizewise he's a week younger )Busy times, next week we are out of school, I love summer.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To all the MUDRS

Cady has begun spelling phonectically and her cards say hape mudrs da. So sweet, silas' first phonetic note was a run away note. We had a wonderful day, worshiping the Lord and spending time with the kids at my fishing picnic. What was so cool about the pond, (besides all the cow patties) was how quiet it was, out in the middle of no where, literally, it was us and nature, no computer, no cellphones, no neighbors, no pagers, no fish however we did spot a snake!

Cute story...Cady sits with a friend of mine and her mom most sunday mornings. Today she gave her a "note", it said happy mother's day (someone must have helped her with the spelling) and had a picture of her and Jaime on it. Cady told her to keep it forever and take it with her when she dies, she even gave specific instructions for her to wear a jacket with a pocket so she could be buried with the note in the pocket. Where does she come up with these things?

Also silas did very well yesterday in a ball tournament, played his best, got his first hit!!!!! and scored , he got 2 out at the plate, they played 3 games this weekend the progress they've made is astounding. We love cheering them on. Go comets!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

New brusies

So last week Cady busted a toe, then she skinned a knee at school then yesterday during practicing at home Silas wacked her with the baseball bat on the upper arm (on accident).

Tuesday Silas got hit in the head with a baseball, then today while trying to learn to skate he bloodied his nose when he fell and then tonight skinned his knee in a bike accident.

Into each life hurt will come, then more, then more, then more. And sometimes we want to give up but as I told Silas yesterday when he wanted to give up baseball, your team needs you. And so does yours...we are all needed...we all have a job, some small, some large (thanks to Bee Movie for the confirming illustration). Be we can't give in to discouragment, can't give up the dream. I love baseball- so many lessons. I was so proud of my Silas last night after such a hard time he gave 110% in his game, he even played hind catcher. No hits yet, it's hard. You know I'll be shouting when the first hit comes, and God cheers us on when we serve through the pain, and persevere for sake of God's team. Stay tuned for more lessons from the field....ld

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my beautiful mother....

The kids with their medals from the tournament...


I thought I'd write a little let you know what we've been up to.

I posted a video of Cadence posing on the plate. We have come to believe that in softball homeplate is thought of as a pedestal on which you stand as close and long as posible. They pose as if with a tiara on their heads in grandeur. It also has magnetic powers, they all gravitate toward it during the game. Those outfielders, so fun to watch dance, sit, dig, I'll be poised with camera in hand hoping to catch some good laughs.

Cody rode with friends to Falls Creek this weekend for a men's retreat. Steaks, bikes, hunting, fishing, God's word, I even heard a good joke or 2 in the report. Too bad he had to come home early to ref tball games until 9 Sat. night. It's his dad with him in the picture. Thought I'd take pictures before he has to sell it.

Silas also playied in the tournament last Saturday, he's in coach pitch, he struck out every time, along with over half the team, we'll get it by the end of the season. I'll post a video of him as soon as I can. He has a game Friday.

Mom got to come down and help with Charis while I helped at the tournament...She is so wonderful, I love my mom so much, Thanks mom for coming. I have a beautiful picture of her with my 3 blue eyed kids, and the computer is not letting me upload it....

Charis turned 6 mo. Sat. Wow, that's flown by. She still spits up a lot, but is happy about it all, she grabs everything now and I think she may talk to us soon.

Me, I'm hangin in there... Happy and Blessed, God is gracious and the sun is still shinning. We belong to him and are safe in his hands. I found a girl on myspace I lead to the Lord years ago on my front porch swing in Alex. She's doing well....little things like that keep me going. So I'm finding contentment in the everyday.

God bless, stay tuned we'll be posting more from our ballgammin nights and weekends , we'll also be birthdayin and graduatin this month.....

Friday, April 25, 2008


Still trippin on all the myspace people, keeping up with myspace and a blog is time consuming. I'll try though. Just wanted to post a scripture God is using to "mold" me, Colo. 3:
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.
And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful.
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.
And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

I had this awlful thought yesterday after asking forgiveness for the 10th time over something, what if God wasn't so loving and was a horrible thought, I am so thankful for his obession over me. Thankful that he pursues me.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Your Space

Wow is all I can say...I have been icheckin out all the "my spaces ", I had no idea so many were out there just waiting to be found and looked at. It is so amazing what people put out there. I am lovin it though. It makes you feel unalone in the world. A great feeling. I love having friends. I have always been a friend keeper, if they'll keep me. I'll try to keep adding to my weak page, it needs help but I have been so busy finding everyone, (even my neighbor is on here).

Well happy earth day.....funny when I was a teenager in NC I was really into this, a tree hugger you'd say. But now I am just looking forward to the new earth Jesus will over, yeah , ya'll didn't know when he comes back he's not taking us away but gonna rebuild this earth, I can't wait until it all comes together. It'll be rather Eden like. So tomorrow let's celebrate New Earth Day shall we?

The family is well. Waking as I write. Thank God for another day, let's make it count for the good.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hangin in there

Ever feel down? What am I thinkin, I'm writing to americans- depression, fear and anxiety are our society's byproducts.

Well I've been sick and out of town and the laundry's piled up along with the dishes and I've got more things to do and no energy.........yadayada.........

I always tell people going through a hard time, hang in there, and that's what I'm doin myself this week, just hangin..., it'll get better, it always does. God is good, he's on his throne, he's coming back, he loves me no matter what.

I thought I'd include some recent pictures. Above is my creative Silas and his creation a lego airplane. I am adding Charis and my mom, they spent two days together last week and one of charis' newest talent toesucking.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Names

I've been reading a book called Pagan Christianity by George Barna recently. Very intriguing about where our modern church traditions come from. But one thing he mentioned that made me think was as the Lord is head of the church and when he leads a common theme arises. Well my theme a couple of days ago was new names.

First my son tells me he doesn't want me to call him Silas anymore, he is now Hawk boy. A superhero of sorts with a baseball glove on one hand with 3 talons (chopsticks) pertruding. I love his imagination. I'll keep you posted if any daring rescues occur.

Second one of my students brought me August Rush, a new movie out on DVD about the power of music. The kid is trying to find his parents, and comes up with a new stage name August Rush. VEry good, rent it.

And then late that night I was lead to Rev. about the 3 chapter where it mentions those who overcome will recieve a new name. I have always been intrigued by name meanings. I am always looking for the themes God is creating in my life and how they draw me to him.

My given name comes from Laurel, which is a temporary crown. I still haven't got the connection with my life on that. I love to think about what God calls me- beloved, a masterpiece, beautiful, choosen, blessed.....I wonder if I'll be one of the ones with a new name in heaven.

So what do your names mean?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

We had a wonderful spring break, even though we didn't get to go skiing. We had a family reunion on Cody's side and my parents moved to Tulsa, although we want to go up and see them we are going to wait until the 4th of April when I'll be attending a conference up there. Mom and Charis will get real close that weekend. So here's what we did with pictures.....

Sat./sun family reunion, cody's uncle bob and aunt Vivian stayed with us, our first company from his side. Ever since establishing a guest room we've had a lot of company. Build it and they will come I guess.... Silas got asked over to a friends house and they went to Duncan and went swimming.

Mon & Tues it rained, I tried out all my new creative correction ideas on the kids. ... a great book, trying to build character and not be guilty of lazy parenting...we played some computer games from the library, school work camoflauged....while we send and support our public school we supplement on purpose. We also went to town with Cody and bought seeds and plants for a garden!! And silas got to go play with Casen again, which made Cady upset.

Wed. we had church, silas has started playing football with the boys and loving it. We discovered our neighbors had all 5 of their grandkids for 3 days. More kids to play with yeah!

Thur. we planted onions in the garden, enjoyed the sunshine, sported our new shades, Silas created many lego planes, trains and houses. Silas and the neighbor kids played cowboys. No one was hurt in the crossfire thank goodness. Our Charis rested, started on a medication for the spitting up but we still have no relief from it, I think she's just going to have to outgrow it for now we'll just endure. It is her only fault though, she is so sweet!!!!

Friday- I took the girls to town, picked up Hayli our cousin and took them swimming, we ran into other more distant cousins one of which has the name Charis, Cody and silas worked cattle with friends, and I began walking last night.

Resurrection Day is tomorrow, we are getting ready for that now.

So without spending any money we had a great break , the best part was not having an agenda every day. Uninhibited play and Charis still got her naps!

About blogging....I created a myspace page but find this easier. So if you want to debate my choice you must have 3 kids and do all that I do and then we'll talk about what's easier. Have a blessed day.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Totes

I've heard it said you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their purse or billfold. Well here you have my totes on my mudroom wall, ready to go. I guess they tell more than you want to know about me! These are the winter ones. I'll start with the ones on the left

Tourquise Library bag- I actually won this at the minister'swives conference in Oct. A cool bag. It's filled with borrowed books, my good friend Jana let us borrow a lot of Magic Tree House books, I think I get more into them than the kids do, we even have the official passport from the website. The last adult fiction book I read was Obsession by Ted Dekkar, really good.

My purple backpack has been with me the longest, since my junior year in highschool, I bought it at an outlet mall leather store for 30$ , well worth the money. I take it on vacation, it's seen a lot of states and car floorboards.

My church bag, got at the SBC convention last year....holds stuff I need for all the things I do at our community of believers

The statium seats....$13 at Walmart, they even have pockets for toys, money, poms....

The black diaper at the hospitol, it holds it all well and is the main one I carry these days.

My camera bag, and my video camera bag was in there somewhere- I love pictures, enough said

I have a collection of totes from other countries, this one's from the Phillipines, I'll save those for another post

On the bench left to right I have my potluck/food tote, my music bag, and my Bible tote- The best for last. Speaking of which I need to go read it..........

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Well here we go

I have taken the plunge, I have joined the modernblogmen of the world. I am excited because I love to write and have always kept a journal and I think this is going to be fun. I am not currently online at home which poses a a problem but I will triumphant in this quest. So what's new? I have been seeking the Lord and interceding for a friend and have been excited by what God is speaking to me. God is so cool, Jesus is everything. There is no comparison to him. I am singing "In Christ alone" on Resurrection sunday and have found a cool you tube video that goes with. I also put Charis on there again, she's so cute Well I'll write again soon. Hope all you Oklahomans are enjoying this first storm of the season. You can enjoy the storm when you know who controls the wind!