Thursday, September 18, 2008

Toteing Charis Around the United States

I wish I had a pic of us in the airport last week, I had her in a front carrier, a backpack and a pull suitcase, they charge now for checking in bags so I took ours on the plane and since I was by myself I could pull a bag and push a stroller. Luckily she still fit in the carrier. We were quite a sight I am sure. Charis wasn't feeling well most of the trip but still was a great traveler. We really felt blessed to go, the Lord provided work so I could afford to go. I love my family so much, I am glad I got to go be a part of Deb's newest adventure. I also got to see her school and hang out with Nate's cool family. We swam, watched a lot of movies and played the wii, I scored 569 on power bowling.

Couldn't resist posting my care bear in this toy tote.
My sis and her new baby Judah Brenton, why we went to FL

In other news- I've added a new Bible study to the church tote, Stepping Up by Beth Moore- it's on the psalms. Good so far. She's got us on our faces each day before the Lord, literally. It should be good discipline.

I am still keeping Shyann during the day, she had a good week.

My lessons are going well. I have 11 paying students (4 guitar, 4 piano, 2 piano but want to be in voice) and 3 non paying, my 2 kids and a sitter swapper (she takes voice and is a God send) . God is so good to always provide for us no matter how much I fret.

My totes are full, coming and going as always.

I have to add one more non tote picture. my kids are in a small town school and everyone goes all out for homecoming, today's theme is I wish I were.... So I pulled together a Jedi knight costume for silas and Cady was really on her own. She is Barbie. A cute one huh.

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Kari said...

Way too cute kids! Your totes are full and blessed!