Friday, August 22, 2008

Joy found!

I found it here in this tote of all places, it's what I carry my Bible in. I have tried to minimize and just carry a Bible to church but the teacher in me needs pens, highlighters and notebooks so I have this tote. Suits me. Yup I don't know why I look in all those other totes for happiness and satisfaction when a good "coming to Jesus" was all I needed. I will say this that that other tote of the new day time child has provided new perspective as well. She cries all day for her momma. Still to be determined if it's going to be a fit with our family, I don't even like my kids crying. And all she wants is her momma. But I am now treasuring this time with my arms full of little ones to love.

Well the kids are back in school, my lessons are getting started, a schedule has begun again. So here are the new lunch boxes. In these totes holds the key to an okay mom and a great mom- notes and Reeces cups.

I forgot about showing you these new totes. Is there a theme here? Black is very versatile. The top left is my out and about purse, you know when I get to go out without kids. I paid 50 cent for at a garage sale. I have yet to use it.

The top right is a cool Old Navy bag. It's Charis', has front pockets for bottles/etc. and I am doing well not to over pack. ( you know totegirl is synonymis with pack rat) Again 50 cent at the same garage sale.

The one on the bench is my sleek computer bag, except the laptop I have (cody's old one) is too large for the padded section, it works though. $3 at yes another garage sale. I love a good deal! This bag is the one I take to church and it gets crowded quick.

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Kari said...

I have no totes, just a purse and I manage to stuff lots in there, but I have no babies anymore. My oldest turns 13 tomorrow! I'm glad you found your joy!