Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Job - Week 5

I think we are on week 6. But here's week 5

The weeks are blurring.

Long days, Short years. Heard that tonight- excellent!

So blessed by the first night of Family Fun Days, hope the other 80-100 people were too!

So week 5- no staff meeting for me, silas had a dental appt I couldn't change, Sarah went on my behalf. But I went today and I'll say this - I'm have not been big on staff meetings ever esp school ones. I have found out why I work alone.  But yet I see where we all help each other. And life really is better together. It's different. Prepare to loose some time. Relationships cost. Mostly time. They are definitely needed.

So last week wet and wild- just never can be fully prepared for that! We had a good crowd, talked about peter walking on water (I still haven't put the wet & wild program on paper....I loose the drive to do that when camp comes but so want to share my Wet and Wild Ideas online!) I used hand prompts with the little ones. Prayer hands for Jesus praying, round mouth for the wind of the storm, rowing for the disciples, 3 for the time of night, 1 for peter who stepped out of the boat....We'll see if they still get it next week.If they are gonna get home with a concept, a story, God's word on their minds and hearts I've got to review and do it a lot! 4 times is a good #. Also we let them paint their feet and make a poster for publicity- can never have too much of that and connection with the parents, can never have too much of that either.

Lake Murray day trip- Fun again...

Letterboxing with 29 kids and adults in 99 degree weather, ...we found one stamp before the complaints rose up for water! I felt like Moses....WOW I can not wait to talk to him in heaven about that whole 40 years in the dessert thing...

Teaching moments.....I led them the wrong way. Yeah it wasn't good. And quickly used it to tell them what repentance looks like. We have to admit we were wrong, then turn around and go back. And amazingly they got it real fast.

Precious souls!

This one looks like she needs a good home maybe I'll take her home with me. 

We splashed around on the beach area at Lake Murray, squishy at first but clear when you get out a ways. We let them eat as they came in, there was no way I was forcing that many to some sit and behave. Let them enjoy and when hunger came (and quite often for some) they joined those on shore for snacks.

Moments for teaching...

When a little girl lost her ear plugs we started searching and praying for eyes to see it. Carol miraculously found it. And we celebrated! As God and the angels do when a lost person is saved. Luke 15

Murray has Tucker Tower. An old odd mansion turned nature center. Charis called it Punzel's tower (we have been watching Tangled)

She was very sad when we didn't find Rapunzel at the top!

My bag carrier: In praise of Shelby

It's been VBS week and if you've never directed that, it's a new level of tired. I don't even want to think about VBS for at least 6 months.

I think every believer ought to at least once in their lives go overseas and worship in a different country with the believers there and direct VBS, just once. And change a baby's diaper in the nursery- now there's a worship experience.

This is about Shelby.

I met Shelby when she was in the 4th grade. A kid at camp. Gone to Velma school most her life.

She sat with me some during church over the years and she's always been around.

Everyone loves her. Everyone.

Her family gave her a surprise 18th birthday party at the country club this year. (Shelby's advice since turning 18- don't go to the casino's they are so addicting)

I have learned a lot this week from Shelby.

I have been wanting a massage for over a week, eagerly prayed I'd win won at the race door prize deal the other day- got a hat instead. Guess the Lord thought I needed that instead.

Tuesday afternoon before we started - Family Fun Days ( our VBS) she came over and gave me a shoulder massage for 15 min. It was exactly what I needed. To sit, be still and rest a minute.

She always carries my bags. All of them, seriously. She takes the numerous tote bags from my shoulders and carries them. She bares my burden. She helps me carry the load of serving as children's minister & mother to 3 on Sundays when the husband is elsewhere.

She's become a great Sunday School worker. Honing her scissor cutting skills and holding baby skills. They love her too.

But what hit me especially this week is how she lives this one out in front of me....

Proverbs 25:27 Just as it is not good for one to eat too much honey it is not good for many to think of all the honors he deserves.

In my pride I tend to dwell on what I deserve.

Lord, I did ...........for you. I did ..............for .............. and they didn't even..................or so and so got all the credit.............

I will stop or I'll embarrass myself in revealing my heart. But Shelby, is continually asking to help me. Never expecting anything in return. She serves with a clean heart out of joy. And she has fun.

What really got me last night is in all she does helping and serving me she wrote a letter thanking me for being her friend. If I'd worked that hard I'd be complaining but she is offering thanks.

She has the gift of service for sure, with a good dose of mercy. She cried with Cady Tuesday night as she was in pain from an ear ache. She's growing in her faith walk and even repented when I confronted her on complaining too much about her English teacher last year. She was baptized this year too. So when the believers all get to heaven with the King you'll get to meet her too.

And thank the Lord there will be no tote bags in heaven for her to carry!

God thank you for Shelby's example, if she can serve you humbly do it so can I.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Race #1

Acts 20:24
However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

Hebrews 12:1
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,

1 Corinthians 9:24
 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.

Isaiah 40:31
but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

2 Timothy 4:7
I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Galatians 2:2
 I wanted to be sure I was not running 
and had not been running my race in vain.

2nd place (out of 13) in my age division, 40 out of 120 something overall, 30.01

Finishing with a friend- priceless

All is Grace!

A little emotional about my first 5K

I wouldn't have done childhood without Deborah Nathan Kline or Becky Mackenzie Graves or Jackie Mackenzie Montgomery, or Janice Coble

 I wouldn't have done high school without Mandy James Robbins,

I wouldn't have have done life without Cody Deevers,

I wouldn't have done Alex, Ok without Kasey Parr

Couldn't do Sunday mornings without Shelby Midgley

and I certainly wouldn't be running in a 5k tomorrow if it werent' for Kerri Pemberton Tivis!!!!

Thank you God for the wonderful people in my life I call friends

Getting my tunes and gear ready!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


When I moved to Velma 8 years ago I was introduced to some of the best neighbors. I have learned MANY things from all of them. One thing that was different about Velma, aside from all the golf carts driving around town, was several people hung their laundry out to dry.

So I tried it.

And during the summer I still do it occasionally. Good for energy conservation I guess. But what it does mentally for me is priceless.

As I take the time to hang each pair of jeans, each shirt...some small, some large...3 sets of clothes getting bigger with each passing year....I say a prayer for that person who wears those jeans.

(side note, the itty bitty boy shirt from days gone by above holds my clothes pins...easy to make and a constant reminder of how much my baby has grown)

A prayer for the preacher.....that God would speak, that he'd be wise and love the Lord with all his heart

A prayer for the boy....that God would speak, that he'd always follow with all his heart,  give him courage and favor, wisdom and grace

A prayer for the girl....that she'd know who she is and how beautiful she is, that she'd use that personality for your glory, that she'd use her hands and eyes to create beautiful things canvas with color, that God would speak, that she'd follow Christ, that she'd find her life in laying it down, that she'd hope and love and God would bless her with a husband that loves like Christ loves

A prayer for the baby....that she'd make connections, she's take in her world, that she'd change us, that we'd discipline her like we did the other two :), that she'd find the joy of following Christ young, that she'd marry a man that loves like Christ, that she'd know the joy of God's word, the beauty of his world and the sweet relationship with him that I have

The jeans keep getting bigger. Reminders of God's blessing and favor, that they are growing and are loved, that God's grace has brought us all together and to this day, that one day they'll do their own laundry (amen!) and that I'll miss going through their clothes one by one.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Roller Skating

Several Months ago we had a birthday party at the skating rink in Duncan.

It brought back memories- of when we took one picture at a party, ha! I'll see if I can dig that one up....

Anyway my boy was working but here are my groovy girls...

This was back before the spinny dress movement started.....

2 like minded 3rd children....socialites

I love the colors

I love that little knock kneed cutie! :)

Cleaning out the Ball Bag

Take me out to the Ball more!

It's not that I don't love baseball I do, I just need a break from 3 games a week!

But my boy...isn't he handsome....

So we've completed the season and as he gets older they get longer, games and season. Poor Cady was suffering from heat and boredom... (prize for who ever can guess the candy she's made into a ball there)

Charis on the other hand had a budding romance going on....

But last night as I could finally clean out the totebag I thought I'd share the experience with you....

not too bad, leftover popcorn, half drunk D P ....

Check out that clown!

Life Saver!!!

Now it's getting bad....leftovers from weeks of ball games....spilt everything...

And there was a layer of filth under that layer...and my phone....dandy....guess I didn't leave it at home after all....

I'll spare you more details. Will I do it again? You bet, I'd be sad if he didn't play. I just need a year to re- coop!

Good bye ballpark bags....Hello pool bags

I cleaned this bag out last night.

Baseball season has ended. Can I get an amen?

what I do for exercise-recreate

It’s been 10 months. 
10 months since God said, “Your done, Repent!”
10 months since I realized the chains were gone. 
10  months of watching God work and change me in awestruck wonder. And I am so so so thankful it didn't come from a bottle, a prescription, a sleezy self help magazine or even a personal came as a gift from God himself.
The reward for repentance is priceless. I will never go back. I have not forgotten. Nor have I shed the flesh that so quickly can revert back to old ways of thinking. 
In the busy-ness of May I found those old habits sneaking in. Made me think. What have I done? What works, what can I tell you to help you if you find yourself in the same situation. 
Life never cooperates.  The fight is never easy. There is never a  better time than right now to repent. You must learn how to obey even when you don’t feel like it or you’ll never experience victory. 
So what worked? 
I rested. The fact that my victory came at the same time I was on sabbatical is no coincidence. I was able to slow down some ( I still poured out my life in ministry, worked part time and mothered full time). 
I received. Instead of leading a Bible Study, I participated in one. And it was no coincidental one either- 10 years after my first introduction - Breaking Free was hand picked for me. I lived it...He really can and wants to set us free. We just give up far too soon or think we are the only case he can't handle.
I reprented. I changed. I said no when the flesh used to say yes. Basic eat less, exercise more. 
I relived. When the change started happening I started seeing food as beautiful, delicious, nurturing, the tastes were exquisite, the flavors were glorious, the colors brighter, the textures new and fresh....what had brought so much shame and guilt before now was such an enjoyable experience. What it was supposed to be before the fall of man I guess. And I anticipate meals and gatherings more. 

I recreated. Exercising was not a chore but a form of worship. I would turn on the praise music and just dance, moving with a thankful heart. Thanking God all the while for a brain, legs that move, arms that can bend, and the music that moves me. I always start my day with God, Chris Tomlin and Tony Horton. In that order. I used what I had and I had P90X so we started and went with it. I love a good challenge. But the mindset is the same- worship the creator through movement. 
I realized that I lost the majority of my weight in those 12 weeks of the contest. With 5 pounds to hit my goal I kept up the 5 days a week exercising, taking 2 days to play with the kids and rest. I made a list- a month of workouts. It gives me some freedom to make things work. I have all the P90x workouts (which provide a lot of variety kenpo, plyo, lots of arms, legs and back, even yoga and stretch ,13 or more) along with running, net flix workouts, step workouts during movies (just something I have) and I created a trampoline workout ( I love that one). Tony says “Do your best forget the rest” and   “Variety is the Spice of LIfe”. You can’t do the same thing all the time, you have to have a balanced workout routine and a fun one! Right now I am swimming with the kids in the summer. I love moving, jumping on the trampoline till you can’t breathe, hiking and bicycling. I do get tired of Tony all the time so I venture out trying other things- my newest thing is running 5K’s . I have my first in 3 weeks! I just do it. No excuses, no quitting, just a long obedience in the right direction. 

Just keep at it!

Seattle & convention totebags!

Cody returned from the SBC annual convention. He did well and brought me a new bag....

 I love it because it's different AND because it has the Seattle Space Needle on there....

In a few weeks the pastor and I will have an affair to remember in beautiful Seattle! Seattle gets me through the day sometimes. When I seem really overwhelmed because I have 3 children at home for the summer (imagine me going cross eyed there) and am working yet having to coupon  & garden & counsel & teach & train & run for a 5K & make signs & cook & clean ( wait I am postponing that for awhile) & do the laundry &  b/c the baseball season just won't end .....

1.  pray asking God to change my heart
2. go back to the most important thing- people hearing the gospel & repenting & following Jesus
3. sing....I don't know what I'd do without song....
4. Think about Seattle....

Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer job - Week 4 & 5

I rested some during week 4....

Wet and Wild Wednesday went well, with Sarah gone I had to revamp...we were doing Jesus calming the wind and the waves (Mark 4:36-41) and no we didn't get a storm...we got a stray dog! I got an early comer to guard the blow up pool I had set up but he still punctured it- by time to start we were losing we improvised....and my early comer had a great game idea which was good I took time to listen b/c tug o war over the pool last all of 3 min. I had 20 to fill. The game was great- have kids line up at one end of the pool and cross over on multiple sponges, as they make it across separate those who made it from those who didn't. The ones who didn't held the punctured side and made "waves" a storm like in the story...then take away sponges to make it harder and weed it down to a winner...I started with 10, went down to a challenging 3. This game lasted awhile too, maybe 10 min.

Case in point...listen to the kids! They have good ideas

and during week 5....

started with a young girl coming forward during sunday morning service!!!! She's pictured with the monkey down below, not me...the young one

and we did day trip #1

Tiger Safari in Tuttle is Awesome...I didn't do a sign up sheet for the day trip and facebook got the msg out but I didn't have a whole lot of response - just word of mouth- kids telling kids is still the best method! hum...should be use this tool more for evangelizing the lost??

Feeding the tigers...

For the day trip- study the map, know where you are going, get plenty of sponsors, call ahead of time and check the website...we had to postpone b/c they were closed on our original day, I honestly think weekdays are better for ppl- and we got a discount on the price

Wet and Wild- Pool Party review- games are best done impromptu and in small groups (for non swimmers throwing dive sticks at a floating bucket was good, the floating bucket was one of those ice cream tubs) , a story is not so bad (they sit out on the side with feet in) but yelling instructions for the game got old quick.

Started advertising for our vbs family fun days event....signs are hard work....we are saving hundreds of dollars by doing them ourselves though, Cody said I was old school but we are using what we have (some yard signs, posterboard and metal sign holders and some plyboard signs. A shaped on hinges...use a projector and word program to project the letters)  got signs up around town too but word of mouth is still the best!

Been scheduling everything for this event, I always think it's gonna be easier to do something new and different and it's always still a lot of work. But pray big and watch God work, our county's only pediatrician is coming- big surprise!

30 ppl enjoyed one another and felt apart of something bigger than themselves today on our trip and saw God's awesome creativity in animals today- I love this job...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Job - Week 3


- enlist prayer support for each kid and sponsor, prayer changes things, pray big and for everything!
- coaches corner in Duncan for t-shirts really helped me out of a bind
- a sponsor for every 5 kids is good
- I need wider bottom cups, we had a lot of spills
- cancelled wet & wild, it's ok to cancel things if you don't have time to properly train the workers
- God does want he wants, when he wants- be prepared for when he moves & rest in his complete sovereignty when he chooses not to
- what happens at camp is the compilation of what's happened all year at your church( preach the gospel every week, disciple your sponsors, hire help where needed, stay in God's word and humble before him, having your elders praying at the alter each week, follow your pastor's leadership )
- be careful on assuming about camp pastors, some will surprise you (with anyone and esp kids visuals are very helpful and really cement the sermon in the brain)

Sarah can do an incredible toe touch dance when people are saved  and I sadly don't have it on video :(

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to pack a bag for camp....

First off go with an old bag. My husband bought new luggage for all the travel we do...

good bye old stuff!

But I;m not letting camp be it's first outing. Camp is dirty, kids are messy and dirty and when you live that close together their filth rubs off on your stuff.

Here's what I pack....

-something for dirty clothes- preferably a stand up hamper that'll hold things up till we get home, and walmart sacks for the wet stuff
-label all your stuff the kids I had last week were messy, stuff always goes missing
-pack a sample of laundry detergent, ( we have a washer at camp but if you don't you can hand wash, may save something with a tough stain from getting trashed) a stain stick helps too

- ear plugs, after having children I wake up over the slightest noise- but not if I don't hear it :)
- an ipod, helpful on mission trips as well, music lifts me up, keeps me going and I always have a mellow  album on their to help me sleep or while I'm waiting on kids to calm down
-sleep aid is a possibility but it leaves me dragging if I have to get up early so I avoid it
- 5 hour energy drink crossed my mind
- a flashlight (it never fails I'm usually coming in late to bed and need something to help me see) could also be useful for a fashion show spot light or wall silhouettes

- a clear bag for toiletries that'll hang ,  and in a plastic bag to prevent spills
- flip flops for nasty showers
- a bath mat, some of our cabins have concrete floors-
- a dry erase marker for writing notes to the girls on the bathroom mirrors (if you have 3 stalls label them 1 john, 2 john 3 john :)

& fun stuff
- bed time stories
- bunk decorations (streamers, balloons)
-makeup and hair stuff, it's a lot of fun to try something new, just beware they may say you look 10 years younger lol

for church camp-
- extra readable Bibles to giveaway
- highlighters
- devotional books
- good music, I prefer an ihome

We had an amazing week at camp....God's kingdom was expanded!


I love bags, I love going and coming home!

I've been in the land of no internet and bugs in my shower for a week and it's been busy fun!

Till I catch up on things here's a cool bag company I highly recommend....

if I had extra $ I'd probably splurge and buy something but where in the world would I start they are all adorable....

Hoping to blog  tomorrow, stay tuned for.....

How to pack a bag for Camp

Summer Job week 2~

Recycling Cady style

What I do for exercise