Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Job - Week 3


- enlist prayer support for each kid and sponsor, prayer changes things, pray big and for everything!
- coaches corner in Duncan for t-shirts really helped me out of a bind
- a sponsor for every 5 kids is good
- I need wider bottom cups, we had a lot of spills
- cancelled wet & wild, it's ok to cancel things if you don't have time to properly train the workers
- God does want he wants, when he wants- be prepared for when he moves & rest in his complete sovereignty when he chooses not to
- what happens at camp is the compilation of what's happened all year at your church( preach the gospel every week, disciple your sponsors, hire help where needed, stay in God's word and humble before him, having your elders praying at the alter each week, follow your pastor's leadership )
- be careful on assuming about camp pastors, some will surprise you (with anyone and esp kids visuals are very helpful and really cement the sermon in the brain)

Sarah can do an incredible toe touch dance when people are saved  and I sadly don't have it on video :(

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