Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Job - Week 5

I think we are on week 6. But here's week 5

The weeks are blurring.

Long days, Short years. Heard that tonight- excellent!

So blessed by the first night of Family Fun Days, hope the other 80-100 people were too!

So week 5- no staff meeting for me, silas had a dental appt I couldn't change, Sarah went on my behalf. But I went today and I'll say this - I'm have not been big on staff meetings ever esp school ones. I have found out why I work alone.  But yet I see where we all help each other. And life really is better together. It's different. Prepare to loose some time. Relationships cost. Mostly time. They are definitely needed.

So last week wet and wild- just never can be fully prepared for that! We had a good crowd, talked about peter walking on water (I still haven't put the wet & wild program on paper....I loose the drive to do that when camp comes but so want to share my Wet and Wild Ideas online!) I used hand prompts with the little ones. Prayer hands for Jesus praying, round mouth for the wind of the storm, rowing for the disciples, 3 for the time of night, 1 for peter who stepped out of the boat....We'll see if they still get it next week.If they are gonna get home with a concept, a story, God's word on their minds and hearts I've got to review and do it a lot! 4 times is a good #. Also we let them paint their feet and make a poster for publicity- can never have too much of that and connection with the parents, can never have too much of that either.

Lake Murray day trip- Fun again...

Letterboxing with 29 kids and adults in 99 degree weather, ...we found one stamp before the complaints rose up for water! I felt like Moses....WOW I can not wait to talk to him in heaven about that whole 40 years in the dessert thing...

Teaching moments.....I led them the wrong way. Yeah it wasn't good. And quickly used it to tell them what repentance looks like. We have to admit we were wrong, then turn around and go back. And amazingly they got it real fast.

Precious souls!

This one looks like she needs a good home maybe I'll take her home with me. 

We splashed around on the beach area at Lake Murray, squishy at first but clear when you get out a ways. We let them eat as they came in, there was no way I was forcing that many to some sit and behave. Let them enjoy and when hunger came (and quite often for some) they joined those on shore for snacks.

Moments for teaching...

When a little girl lost her ear plugs we started searching and praying for eyes to see it. Carol miraculously found it. And we celebrated! As God and the angels do when a lost person is saved. Luke 15

Murray has Tucker Tower. An old odd mansion turned nature center. Charis called it Punzel's tower (we have been watching Tangled)

She was very sad when we didn't find Rapunzel at the top!

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