Thursday, June 16, 2011

summer job - Week 4 & 5

I rested some during week 4....

Wet and Wild Wednesday went well, with Sarah gone I had to revamp...we were doing Jesus calming the wind and the waves (Mark 4:36-41) and no we didn't get a storm...we got a stray dog! I got an early comer to guard the blow up pool I had set up but he still punctured it- by time to start we were losing we improvised....and my early comer had a great game idea which was good I took time to listen b/c tug o war over the pool last all of 3 min. I had 20 to fill. The game was great- have kids line up at one end of the pool and cross over on multiple sponges, as they make it across separate those who made it from those who didn't. The ones who didn't held the punctured side and made "waves" a storm like in the story...then take away sponges to make it harder and weed it down to a winner...I started with 10, went down to a challenging 3. This game lasted awhile too, maybe 10 min.

Case in point...listen to the kids! They have good ideas

and during week 5....

started with a young girl coming forward during sunday morning service!!!! She's pictured with the monkey down below, not me...the young one

and we did day trip #1

Tiger Safari in Tuttle is Awesome...I didn't do a sign up sheet for the day trip and facebook got the msg out but I didn't have a whole lot of response - just word of mouth- kids telling kids is still the best method! hum...should be use this tool more for evangelizing the lost??

Feeding the tigers...

For the day trip- study the map, know where you are going, get plenty of sponsors, call ahead of time and check the website...we had to postpone b/c they were closed on our original day, I honestly think weekdays are better for ppl- and we got a discount on the price

Wet and Wild- Pool Party review- games are best done impromptu and in small groups (for non swimmers throwing dive sticks at a floating bucket was good, the floating bucket was one of those ice cream tubs) , a story is not so bad (they sit out on the side with feet in) but yelling instructions for the game got old quick.

Started advertising for our vbs family fun days event....signs are hard work....we are saving hundreds of dollars by doing them ourselves though, Cody said I was old school but we are using what we have (some yard signs, posterboard and metal sign holders and some plyboard signs. A shaped on hinges...use a projector and word program to project the letters)  got signs up around town too but word of mouth is still the best!

Been scheduling everything for this event, I always think it's gonna be easier to do something new and different and it's always still a lot of work. But pray big and watch God work, our county's only pediatrician is coming- big surprise!

30 ppl enjoyed one another and felt apart of something bigger than themselves today on our trip and saw God's awesome creativity in animals today- I love this job...

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