Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to pack a bag for camp....

First off go with an old bag. My husband bought new luggage for all the travel we do...

good bye old stuff!

But I;m not letting camp be it's first outing. Camp is dirty, kids are messy and dirty and when you live that close together their filth rubs off on your stuff.

Here's what I pack....

-something for dirty clothes- preferably a stand up hamper that'll hold things up till we get home, and walmart sacks for the wet stuff
-label all your stuff the kids I had last week were messy, stuff always goes missing
-pack a sample of laundry detergent, ( we have a washer at camp but if you don't you can hand wash, may save something with a tough stain from getting trashed) a stain stick helps too

- ear plugs, after having children I wake up over the slightest noise- but not if I don't hear it :)
- an ipod, helpful on mission trips as well, music lifts me up, keeps me going and I always have a mellow  album on their to help me sleep or while I'm waiting on kids to calm down
-sleep aid is a possibility but it leaves me dragging if I have to get up early so I avoid it
- 5 hour energy drink crossed my mind
- a flashlight (it never fails I'm usually coming in late to bed and need something to help me see) could also be useful for a fashion show spot light or wall silhouettes

- a clear bag for toiletries that'll hang ,  and in a plastic bag to prevent spills
- flip flops for nasty showers
- a bath mat, some of our cabins have concrete floors-
- a dry erase marker for writing notes to the girls on the bathroom mirrors (if you have 3 stalls label them 1 john, 2 john 3 john :)

& fun stuff
- bed time stories
- bunk decorations (streamers, balloons)
-makeup and hair stuff, it's a lot of fun to try something new, just beware they may say you look 10 years younger lol

for church camp-
- extra readable Bibles to giveaway
- highlighters
- devotional books
- good music, I prefer an ihome

We had an amazing week at camp....God's kingdom was expanded!

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