Saturday, June 18, 2011


When I moved to Velma 8 years ago I was introduced to some of the best neighbors. I have learned MANY things from all of them. One thing that was different about Velma, aside from all the golf carts driving around town, was several people hung their laundry out to dry.

So I tried it.

And during the summer I still do it occasionally. Good for energy conservation I guess. But what it does mentally for me is priceless.

As I take the time to hang each pair of jeans, each shirt...some small, some large...3 sets of clothes getting bigger with each passing year....I say a prayer for that person who wears those jeans.

(side note, the itty bitty boy shirt from days gone by above holds my clothes pins...easy to make and a constant reminder of how much my baby has grown)

A prayer for the preacher.....that God would speak, that he'd be wise and love the Lord with all his heart

A prayer for the boy....that God would speak, that he'd always follow with all his heart,  give him courage and favor, wisdom and grace

A prayer for the girl....that she'd know who she is and how beautiful she is, that she'd use that personality for your glory, that she'd use her hands and eyes to create beautiful things canvas with color, that God would speak, that she'd follow Christ, that she'd find her life in laying it down, that she'd hope and love and God would bless her with a husband that loves like Christ loves

A prayer for the baby....that she'd make connections, she's take in her world, that she'd change us, that we'd discipline her like we did the other two :), that she'd find the joy of following Christ young, that she'd marry a man that loves like Christ, that she'd know the joy of God's word, the beauty of his world and the sweet relationship with him that I have

The jeans keep getting bigger. Reminders of God's blessing and favor, that they are growing and are loved, that God's grace has brought us all together and to this day, that one day they'll do their own laundry (amen!) and that I'll miss going through their clothes one by one.

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