Thursday, June 30, 2011

My bag carrier: In praise of Shelby

It's been VBS week and if you've never directed that, it's a new level of tired. I don't even want to think about VBS for at least 6 months.

I think every believer ought to at least once in their lives go overseas and worship in a different country with the believers there and direct VBS, just once. And change a baby's diaper in the nursery- now there's a worship experience.

This is about Shelby.

I met Shelby when she was in the 4th grade. A kid at camp. Gone to Velma school most her life.

She sat with me some during church over the years and she's always been around.

Everyone loves her. Everyone.

Her family gave her a surprise 18th birthday party at the country club this year. (Shelby's advice since turning 18- don't go to the casino's they are so addicting)

I have learned a lot this week from Shelby.

I have been wanting a massage for over a week, eagerly prayed I'd win won at the race door prize deal the other day- got a hat instead. Guess the Lord thought I needed that instead.

Tuesday afternoon before we started - Family Fun Days ( our VBS) she came over and gave me a shoulder massage for 15 min. It was exactly what I needed. To sit, be still and rest a minute.

She always carries my bags. All of them, seriously. She takes the numerous tote bags from my shoulders and carries them. She bares my burden. She helps me carry the load of serving as children's minister & mother to 3 on Sundays when the husband is elsewhere.

She's become a great Sunday School worker. Honing her scissor cutting skills and holding baby skills. They love her too.

But what hit me especially this week is how she lives this one out in front of me....

Proverbs 25:27 Just as it is not good for one to eat too much honey it is not good for many to think of all the honors he deserves.

In my pride I tend to dwell on what I deserve.

Lord, I did ...........for you. I did ..............for .............. and they didn't even..................or so and so got all the credit.............

I will stop or I'll embarrass myself in revealing my heart. But Shelby, is continually asking to help me. Never expecting anything in return. She serves with a clean heart out of joy. And she has fun.

What really got me last night is in all she does helping and serving me she wrote a letter thanking me for being her friend. If I'd worked that hard I'd be complaining but she is offering thanks.

She has the gift of service for sure, with a good dose of mercy. She cried with Cady Tuesday night as she was in pain from an ear ache. She's growing in her faith walk and even repented when I confronted her on complaining too much about her English teacher last year. She was baptized this year too. So when the believers all get to heaven with the King you'll get to meet her too.

And thank the Lord there will be no tote bags in heaven for her to carry!

God thank you for Shelby's example, if she can serve you humbly do it so can I.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I am Shelbys aunt and I have always known how special she is and it makes my heart smile to see her get this recognizion she deserves but would never ask for. Thank you for loving our Shelby like we do!!!!

Julie P said...

Lori, that was beautifully said...she is an extraordinary girl. You are correct when you say EVERYONE loves Shelby! and correct when you say she will do anything for anyone without a minutes hesitation. I've seen that as her band director. God shows us many things through the people He places in our lives and I have learned a lot about myself and others just bein' around Shelby! :)

Denisa said...

I know Shelby's Mom. Michelle has done a great job raising her. Shelby is a great girl, she's definitely making her Momma proud.