Friday, May 16, 2008

This week in the life of the Deevers

This week is Silas' birthday and Cady's graduation. We did both events last night. Cady was dramatic to say the least at her graduation, entertaining as always. Silas added his 2 cents, when a boy couldn't remember his lines I think you can hear him on the video saying"Stage fright". It was a great program. We cried. She had 28 kids in her class, almost unbelievable huh, so few but we like it. Silas got a 4 wheeler for his birthday (along with a helmet) now we can't wait for rain! Tomorrow another ball tournament, Charis is sitting up now,too. (That's Dillon in the pic, her baseball buddie, if you are comparing sizewise he's a week younger )Busy times, next week we are out of school, I love summer.

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