Sunday, May 11, 2008

To all the MUDRS

Cady has begun spelling phonectically and her cards say hape mudrs da. So sweet, silas' first phonetic note was a run away note. We had a wonderful day, worshiping the Lord and spending time with the kids at my fishing picnic. What was so cool about the pond, (besides all the cow patties) was how quiet it was, out in the middle of no where, literally, it was us and nature, no computer, no cellphones, no neighbors, no pagers, no fish however we did spot a snake!

Cute story...Cady sits with a friend of mine and her mom most sunday mornings. Today she gave her a "note", it said happy mother's day (someone must have helped her with the spelling) and had a picture of her and Jaime on it. Cady told her to keep it forever and take it with her when she dies, she even gave specific instructions for her to wear a jacket with a pocket so she could be buried with the note in the pocket. Where does she come up with these things?

Also silas did very well yesterday in a ball tournament, played his best, got his first hit!!!!! and scored , he got 2 out at the plate, they played 3 games this weekend the progress they've made is astounding. We love cheering them on. Go comets!

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