Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Your Space

Wow is all I can say...I have been icheckin out all the "my spaces ", I had no idea so many were out there just waiting to be found and looked at. It is so amazing what people put out there. I am lovin it though. It makes you feel unalone in the world. A great feeling. I love having friends. I have always been a friend keeper, if they'll keep me. I'll try to keep adding to my weak page, it needs help but I have been so busy finding everyone, (even my neighbor is on here).

Well happy earth day.....funny when I was a teenager in NC I was really into this, a tree hugger you'd say. But now I am just looking forward to the new earth Jesus will over, yeah , ya'll didn't know when he comes back he's not taking us away but gonna rebuild this earth, I can't wait until it all comes together. It'll be rather Eden like. So tomorrow let's celebrate New Earth Day shall we?

The family is well. Waking as I write. Thank God for another day, let's make it count for the good.

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