Wednesday, April 30, 2008



I thought I'd write a little let you know what we've been up to.

I posted a video of Cadence posing on the plate. We have come to believe that in softball homeplate is thought of as a pedestal on which you stand as close and long as posible. They pose as if with a tiara on their heads in grandeur. It also has magnetic powers, they all gravitate toward it during the game. Those outfielders, so fun to watch dance, sit, dig, I'll be poised with camera in hand hoping to catch some good laughs.

Cody rode with friends to Falls Creek this weekend for a men's retreat. Steaks, bikes, hunting, fishing, God's word, I even heard a good joke or 2 in the report. Too bad he had to come home early to ref tball games until 9 Sat. night. It's his dad with him in the picture. Thought I'd take pictures before he has to sell it.

Silas also playied in the tournament last Saturday, he's in coach pitch, he struck out every time, along with over half the team, we'll get it by the end of the season. I'll post a video of him as soon as I can. He has a game Friday.

Mom got to come down and help with Charis while I helped at the tournament...She is so wonderful, I love my mom so much, Thanks mom for coming. I have a beautiful picture of her with my 3 blue eyed kids, and the computer is not letting me upload it....

Charis turned 6 mo. Sat. Wow, that's flown by. She still spits up a lot, but is happy about it all, she grabs everything now and I think she may talk to us soon.

Me, I'm hangin in there... Happy and Blessed, God is gracious and the sun is still shinning. We belong to him and are safe in his hands. I found a girl on myspace I lead to the Lord years ago on my front porch swing in Alex. She's doing well....little things like that keep me going. So I'm finding contentment in the everyday.

God bless, stay tuned we'll be posting more from our ballgammin nights and weekends , we'll also be birthdayin and graduatin this month.....

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Kari said...

Why is he selling his motorcycle? Have you had enough? This is a great picture of your mom. I met your dad so many times, but never your mom. I miss my mom a lot but like you I loved her and she was always such a blessing to me. Love reading your blog! don't forget mine