Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Names

I've been reading a book called Pagan Christianity by George Barna recently. Very intriguing about where our modern church traditions come from. But one thing he mentioned that made me think was as the Lord is head of the church and when he leads a common theme arises. Well my theme a couple of days ago was new names.

First my son tells me he doesn't want me to call him Silas anymore, he is now Hawk boy. A superhero of sorts with a baseball glove on one hand with 3 talons (chopsticks) pertruding. I love his imagination. I'll keep you posted if any daring rescues occur.

Second one of my students brought me August Rush, a new movie out on DVD about the power of music. The kid is trying to find his parents, and comes up with a new stage name August Rush. VEry good, rent it.

And then late that night I was lead to Rev. about the 3 chapter where it mentions those who overcome will recieve a new name. I have always been intrigued by name meanings. I am always looking for the themes God is creating in my life and how they draw me to him.

My given name comes from Laurel, which is a temporary crown. I still haven't got the connection with my life on that. I love to think about what God calls me- beloved, a masterpiece, beautiful, choosen, blessed.....I wonder if I'll be one of the ones with a new name in heaven.

So what do your names mean?


Kari said...

All I've ever been told is my name means strong character. Guess it fits me. I love the new names too, and somehow we will still know each other in heaven even with new names!

We are studying the Names of God in Sunday school. Very cool study.

Jilliefl1 said...

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