Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring Break

We had a wonderful spring break, even though we didn't get to go skiing. We had a family reunion on Cody's side and my parents moved to Tulsa, although we want to go up and see them we are going to wait until the 4th of April when I'll be attending a conference up there. Mom and Charis will get real close that weekend. So here's what we did with pictures.....

Sat./sun family reunion, cody's uncle bob and aunt Vivian stayed with us, our first company from his side. Ever since establishing a guest room we've had a lot of company. Build it and they will come I guess.... Silas got asked over to a friends house and they went to Duncan and went swimming.

Mon & Tues it rained, I tried out all my new creative correction ideas on the kids. ... a great book, trying to build character and not be guilty of lazy parenting...we played some computer games from the library, school work camoflauged....while we send and support our public school we supplement on purpose. We also went to town with Cody and bought seeds and plants for a garden!! And silas got to go play with Casen again, which made Cady upset.

Wed. we had church, silas has started playing football with the boys and loving it. We discovered our neighbors had all 5 of their grandkids for 3 days. More kids to play with yeah!

Thur. we planted onions in the garden, enjoyed the sunshine, sported our new shades, Silas created many lego planes, trains and houses. Silas and the neighbor kids played cowboys. No one was hurt in the crossfire thank goodness. Our Charis rested, started on a medication for the spitting up but we still have no relief from it, I think she's just going to have to outgrow it for now we'll just endure. It is her only fault though, she is so sweet!!!!

Friday- I took the girls to town, picked up Hayli our cousin and took them swimming, we ran into other more distant cousins one of which has the name Charis, Cody and silas worked cattle with friends, and I began walking last night.

Resurrection Day is tomorrow, we are getting ready for that now.

So without spending any money we had a great break , the best part was not having an agenda every day. Uninhibited play and Charis still got her naps!

About blogging....I created a myspace page but find this easier. So if you want to debate my choice you must have 3 kids and do all that I do and then we'll talk about what's easier. Have a blessed day.


soonermom76 said...

i think your blog site is awesome! it's a great way for us to keep up with what your family is up to. By the way - are Cody and the kids going with you to Tulsa? I am so excited and ready for the conference! =)

Kari said...

I'm so glad you started blogging. I assume you have my blog already, but incase you don't it is and I hope you enjoy!

jennifer said...

Hi Lori

Great blog. You get prettier every time I see you. I am always impressed by your nonending cheerfullness, which you passed on to my kids! Are you in touch with Jesse, Traci or Wendy?