Monday, March 3, 2008

My Totes

I've heard it said you can tell a lot about a person by looking in their purse or billfold. Well here you have my totes on my mudroom wall, ready to go. I guess they tell more than you want to know about me! These are the winter ones. I'll start with the ones on the left

Tourquise Library bag- I actually won this at the minister'swives conference in Oct. A cool bag. It's filled with borrowed books, my good friend Jana let us borrow a lot of Magic Tree House books, I think I get more into them than the kids do, we even have the official passport from the website. The last adult fiction book I read was Obsession by Ted Dekkar, really good.

My purple backpack has been with me the longest, since my junior year in highschool, I bought it at an outlet mall leather store for 30$ , well worth the money. I take it on vacation, it's seen a lot of states and car floorboards.

My church bag, got at the SBC convention last year....holds stuff I need for all the things I do at our community of believers

The statium seats....$13 at Walmart, they even have pockets for toys, money, poms....

The black diaper at the hospitol, it holds it all well and is the main one I carry these days.

My camera bag, and my video camera bag was in there somewhere- I love pictures, enough said

I have a collection of totes from other countries, this one's from the Phillipines, I'll save those for another post

On the bench left to right I have my potluck/food tote, my music bag, and my Bible tote- The best for last. Speaking of which I need to go read it..........

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Jan said...

You are just an inspriation in more ways than one. I may have to have a tote wall myself.

But what I really apprecialte is your consistant walk with our LORD. Keep up the good work.