Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hangin in there

Ever feel down? What am I thinkin, I'm writing to americans- depression, fear and anxiety are our society's byproducts.

Well I've been sick and out of town and the laundry's piled up along with the dishes and I've got more things to do and no energy.........yadayada.........

I always tell people going through a hard time, hang in there, and that's what I'm doin myself this week, just hangin..., it'll get better, it always does. God is good, he's on his throne, he's coming back, he loves me no matter what.

I thought I'd include some recent pictures. Above is my creative Silas and his creation a lego airplane. I am adding Charis and my mom, they spent two days together last week and one of charis' newest talent toesucking.

1 comment:

Kari said...

I'm glad your hanging in there. At least your not resorting to toe sucking like your daughter! Cute pictures!