Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nov. 15th bout time for a post huh

My life is fast paced, so this will be short. Let's see what's in the bags this week-

we are redoing our kitchen and flooring throughout the house after Christmas (hopefully to be done by end of March) so I have been pricing, measuring, meeting with contractors, getting bids, etc . I am excited but this is going to be like moving- yikes

my kids performed for the first time on stage this morning- Cady would have a great career at stand up comedy if she knew how funny she was off the cuff but she doesn't pine for the stage. Silas loves the stage, he played an original piece on guitar and was a werewolf in a group act. This is all part of 4 H which is a new activity for my kids this year. It has proven to be a lot of fun.

Charis is into climbing onto everything. Cody had her 3 hours this morning and she wore him out. She's still into toilet water.

Cody is cooking chili for his man night of UFC with all his buddies. We've been busy in an exciting way at church with lots of salvations, new faces and renewing spirit of God moving in people's hearts. Our marriage has never been better, still laughing and having fun together.

I've begun Christmas prep. Hopefully I'll get it together this year...last year was a little weak.
I am really trying to keep it simple. All the while thanksliving this month.

Blogation, I have to fix dinner. Let me wrap this up while Charis is bonking her head for the 100th time....I am dreaming of art and theatre camps for the summer??? Lots of talent around here. I was inspired last week by a music therapist. Music is awesome! Speaking of dreams, I had such a disturbing one last night I had to check online to make sure it really hadn't happened. I know stange huh.

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