Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In the last month....

We've gotten pretty lazy, though the older kids are sleeping in and I am usually up with Charis by 7. I have been trying to eat healthier and exercise but boy it's hard to get motivated.

We welcomed family and friends around the fourth of July

Cady's booming salon business gets a new customer- my good friend Kasey Parr

The cousins on my side of the family, we call this the Hallelujah picture, Charis was sleeping..

Well I considered going back to work at the Duncan Middle School but as far as I can discern the will of God I am going to remain where I am, teaching at home- the three kids God's blessed me with and the students God has placed in my hand to train. I am excited about a new year. My middle school student show new potential and drive. I have an 8th grader and a 7th grader.

Then we got sick...the stomach thing, it messed with our get a way to Ft. Worth. Nausea and 100 degree temps don't mix well.

Then we did Bible School the last week in July. Pretty awesome, several kids interested in salvation. We wrapped up Wet and Wild Wed. (my creation, my first book idea too, one of these days I hope to finish it) And the first of Aug. we started Bible Olympics on Sunday mornings. This has fueled my desire for all things China, esp. adoption. While my husband says we can't I am praying for a friend to- (it may be you!).

Lest I forget the annual Velma Picnic that first weekend in August too. Rodeo, carnival rides and food...hanging out with the locals...this was our sixth year to attend. It usually messes with my anniversary but not this year. Sat. they had a pee wee rodeo and of course who but me dragged her kids out in 105 degree weather to compete? Cady ended up winning the goat feeding contest ( they say she'd had practice with Charis but I think she just happen to find the hungriest goat). Silas while never winning an event place well enough in each one that he actually won more money. Yes there was cash prizes and that is why we stayed 2 and 1/2 hours out there, Charis knawled on ice to keep cool. Anyway the boy came home with 18$ and Cady 12$, Cody says that's more than he's ever won at the rodeo. He didn't get to compete this year. As many of you know he is desparate to win an event at this thing. And we are praying he does just that - and better sooner than later.

So now we find ourselves in Tulsa with my parents for the week hoping to get away before heading back to school. We always like to get away for our anniversary and since Charis and I are still "attached" we found this to be the only option. One of the things about having a baby is lack of travel. We were getting pretty spoiled to the big kids and our mutual love for the road trip. Now we have new one to train.

gas to tulsa- $120, hanging out with parents- interesting and 0$ , steak dinner $50, a few new nice things- $75 ,celebrating 12 years of marriage to the one man who can still make me laugh- priceless. ( I love you Cody!)

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Kari said...

It was good for you to post again! I love seeing what is going up in your life! We resumed school yesterday and are starting our routine again! Summer days are still very hot out there and I'm glad I'm inside! Sounds like a wonderful summer you had!