Saturday, June 28, 2008

Many thoughts today...I love summer, the casual relaxed feeling...time to do new things, finish things, waking up late, having time to visit without a set schedule, the POOL. Our town pool is up and going finally after an overhaul and we are enjoying it. I'll highlight several of our projects and accomplishments this week.

Silas and I set a summer goal to ride our bicycles to his ball field, I have not idea how far it is... and this morning we did it! He is collecting Indiana Jones paraphernalia. We have yet to see the new movie but might soon. We have heard it's not worth seeing in the theatre. Any reviews?

Cady's goal, (today) is to open her own salon, here is the sign she posted on her door. She's had a few clients and she is anxiously awaiting Charis' hair to grow.

Charis so far is the more traveled one having made it last week to southern California. She and I are still attached and she proved to be quite the traveler switching time zones well and enjoying the plane ride. She's a 3rd child , go with the flow is her middle name.....she has accomplished crawling and likes the pool.

Cody has perfected his diesel refinery and accomplished making his own fuel. He is also preparing our family for the end of the posperous age, making sure we can survive a total economic collapse that he is convinced we as a nation are headed for.

This next part I have written 3 times and lost, I have a feeling someone doesn't want it published.....

Speaking of the breakdown of the nation , I feel it's directly linked to the breakdown of the family. History backs that up, great civilizations have fallen because of their immorality. what shocks me is the abundance of it among believers. Oh that our families be protected from the homosexual agenda, from the onslaught of porn and the abuse of alcohol and drugs (prescription included) I could go on but I have written this 3 times.....We are hearing save the earth everywhere, lets save the nation and save the family. So what are we to do? Teach our children. More now than ever they need to know God's truth. We must not give law with out grace that is legalism, not only is it unattractive it's not Christlike. Grace without discipline is the unstable man....It's Grace and Wisdom, Charis Sophia (greek meanings). So at all costs save the family and follow Jesus!

Oh I almost forgot my kicks this summer- tie dye, chicken salad and tea. Got any suggestions or recipes?

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