Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kids are at Granny & Poppy's

What a blessing my parents are to me. I hope I repay them well for all they have done for me. An ride to Tulsa opened up and we let the kids go to spend several days with my parents. When I checked in today Silas reported they get to do whatever they want and they had gone to McDonalds twice already and they haven't been there 24 hours yet. Charis and I are gearing up for a mission trip next week to San Diego with some college students, catching up on the to-do list here and spending some quality time. I'd like to scrapbook some. My sis-in-law and I did a garage sale yesterday, I asked God for $200 to take on my trip, I think I had that much and a little more, he knows what I need I just have to trust him. God is so good to all of us. Cody and I sat and ate in our home last night take out after Charis went to bed- he said he felt like Larry and Jan (our neighbors) who are recently retired (at 61!) It was very pleasant. We rarely eat alone together and especially not in our own home. We are going to a wedding tonight (with a dancing reception, I love those) so I better go. I am leaving you a pic of charis and her thoughts (read the bib)...............

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