Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

If you know me well you'll know I have sent out a Christmas DVD the last 4 years. Since I have stepped it up this year with myspace, blog, and facebook I didn't do one to send out but I did want to include a little bit of how we celebrate Christmas with those who may check this out

and of course a picture or two...

The drama queen and the family clown/entertainer, which we discoverd Charis looks much similar to Cady at this age

Getting ready to ride in the parade.

I'll do an after Christmas post as well - I didn't think I was that busy this year and I have done much better than last year in staying organized and together. It only took like 9 hours to get us 5 packed and to Tulsa. I am avoiding Walmart like you all...and am enjoying having the internet again. We haven't had it at the house for 3 weeks, I feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth.

You have to check my lorislessons blog (the link is on the side bar) I posted a video of me playing silent night on the violin, my new thing of the month this month.

Funny's - okay yesterday my daughter was in tears, the dramatic one, because I informed her there wouldn't be snow for Christmas this year, she can go from jumping up and down giddyness to all out sobs quicker than anyone I know

Charis loves Candy canes and hates shoes and socks. Cody is convinced she'll get married barefooted. Silas is still with us I promise, I realized I have nothing about him here. He's been pretty lowkey the last few weeks, proven a great hard worker bringing in fire wood and taking care of Charis. We are working on character issues. Graditude and Appreciation, Giving and Attitudes. He is doing well in school and his hair has grown out. I love it!!!!

Speaking of firewood it's been very cold here, but no moisture so no snow, bummer.

My laptop is sick, hopefully help is on the way. I think I got the facebook thing settled. What a pain.

What else??? As I look back on the month/year and think of what I did -does it really matter? The only real question is how many people did I witness come to Christ this year? I can think of several that have made movements toward Christ but time will tell if the seeds are taking root. My girls from camp, parents from school, students, my own kids- my hardest assignment. While I see definte questioning and seeking they still don't understand the power of being forgiven, of full redemption, of amazing grace and his favor. My prayer is that they will in his timing. and for so many others too, so many people just don't get it. I just try to help those around me. I really can't think about taking on the world at this point.

I am about to finish the Karen Kingsbury Redemption series- all 14 books- in 3 months . My mom'll be so proud. My own books - on the back burner so to speak.

I am working more now than ever, still watching the little girl and taking on as many lessons as I can. Letting some things go but I should let more go. These are precious years with my kids that I'll never get back.

I am rambling while I wait for this video to download, you'll be lucky if it makes it I am getting tired. Tomorrow the presents begin! 3 days of festivus. I think I did well this year for my family. Cody has no clue what I got him... last year we both guessed then he pulled off a sneaky thing at the last, getting me the complete willow tree nativity set and redoing my ring with the kids birthstones (since we added Charis). It's a beautiful ring. (my drama queen can't stand the fact her little sis's stone is pink and hers is green)

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