Friday, November 6, 2009

Old Purple

Well I have been home over a week now and I am still putting it all together (my life, my experiences, all this new world I've been exposed to)

I am patiently waiting for more photos to share (my friend, the photographer took most of the pictures) . But I did have access to this one and wanted to share it.

This is Anand Bhaka, he's pastor Bishwa's 11 year old son. He's a typical boy and I enjoyed meeting him very much. I hope to take my son to Nepal one day so they can meet. He spoke English well. Here we are up on top of a building overlooking the rented church building for Inspiration Fellowship. I am always sneaking around and he led me here. I just love kids. That was what I found very interesting is that kids are kids in any culture. The Nepalese children were well behaved and sat on the floor in front of me for hours- praising, singing, praying, dancing, bowing on their knees and even flicking paper and getting into things. One little boy inverted his eye lids and turned around to the other kids to show them, I couldn't help but laugh. Kids are kids in any culture.

But since I am the tote girl I have to comment on the tote that carried my money (rupees ), my journal (I wrote a lot about everything I saw, ate, smelled and did), my encouragement notes, my precious Bible and blessed passport around. This is old purple, my backpack from high school and carring it on any trip is more tradition than anything. It's beginning to look a little worn out and dated. There are much better looking backpacks out there but none with the character old purple possesses and faithfulness- never has it let me down. It's gone all over the U.S. on every airplane ride and road trip, every single one. It's gone with me to Mexico, Canada, Jamaica and now Belguim, India and Nepal. I am forever grateful for it, it's been comforting and utilitarian. It is the tote above all totes in my house.

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