Monday, December 14, 2009

Recital Season

Tis the Season for music- Christmas music that is. I have been carrying this gift tote bag around for 2 months, finally after this week I can put it away. Cady went with me to our recital on Saturday. She and Silas have been doing this for a few years now (going to my recitals) . I keep hoping they'll get inspired and want to put more into thier own playing. I have yet to push music on them. We'll see... anyway I put her in charge of the camera- the video she got of her cousin is hilarious- we'll enjoy it emensely in 10 years!

So the tote bag- I am giving them the gift of music I have told them. I need a change every now and then. In fact this is the first year I have thought, " I am sick of this version of Jingle BElls!" It's true I've taught nearly every student I've had the same version for 15 years. Enough is enough.

I am looking forward to a week of games and playing for fun having finished their Christmas recital saturday.

Inside the tote is a new book for the intermediate student that I've loved, a Jingle Bell Boogie and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Also I feel in love this year with Chris Tomlin's Winter Snow from his new Christmas CD. We ended the recital with that one.

I love teaching and music gives me lots of creative outlets- I am holding my new guitar here too. It's sweet- I am glad I have performed more this year on it!

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