Saturday, December 18, 2010

Enjoying his Grace, Extending his Glory

Yes, I am reading Radical

I don't know ....
if it's because I did all my shopping online this year.

Finally made use of the 30 boxes I received. 
Ready for our 4 Christmases. 

or because of our advent this year

The Jesse Tree
from a blogger/writer I have really been encouraged by

or because I accomplished this...

letting go a little, I am on sabbatical

rest from activity, not all, just the excess I found myself in

  Christ is our focus 
this year and it has made a huge difference.
Yes we've always celebrated Christ's birth, we've only given our kids 3 presents, & we've never lied to them about st. nicolas but our schedule over took the joy that advent was supposed to contain.
 Parties, planning, shopping, programs and productions....more is not better, it's stressful. 
At least in my life I am feeling the difference.
Time will tell with the kids but if mom's feeling it, they should. 

So, I'd like to share...

from Philippines (2004)

Mexico (1994)

Thailand (from worldcraft)

a cherished gift from my mother

a gift from a family in our fellowship of believers 

the mom is going through chemotherapy this season - we are praying for God to be glorified in all things .....even pain

A gift from the IMB 2 years ago 
from Ecuador

from Bethlehem Village (2006)

from Nepal (2009)

story here

from a dear believer here in Velma who hand painted it

from my childhood Nana in Sulpher Springs, TX

inscribed with her precious name and the year of my birth on the bottom

Hand painted by Nana. 

It was the nativity of my childhood, with a removable baby Jesus it was awe inspiring. 

I love housing it and have told my dear sister she can have it,
 it was given to our family the year of her birth.

from my kiddos, (2004? vbs)

We've done other things...

like get rid of books focusing on Santa instead of Christ

I'll admit strange things have shown up on our tree

Documents of the years and blessings

the kids and the movies

Will Farrell is in his place but Christ is in his.

FIRST in our hearts and minds. 

Cherished, loved, adored, HELD dear

I love this surprise set from my husband (2007)

but I love that Jesus is held...

Held close. 

As we await the celebration of this first coming

my heart quickens at the thought of his second coming.


For as sure as he came the first time, he will come again for those anxiously waiting & ready

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Shawna said...

This is a great post, Lori. Thank you so much for sharing!