Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Little boots set by the fire

I wrote this 7 years ago when the boy was 3 and the artist was 2, those days are long gone...as I beheld an old pair of snow boots for a new child on the same hearth and as morning activity gave way to afternoon snow day lazy I found it, took some pictures and wanted to share.... 

Little Boots set by the fire
Both soaking wet and full of mire

Where once four small feet beset
now tired in their rooms lay rest

Morning gave a fresh white delight
Still snowing but a stop in sight

Three times we have played 
Such a fun playground snow has made

What fun we had, a snowman built
Sledding was fun and snow cream spilt

Now dad's sitting and mom's sippin'
Those little boots, a dry they are gettin' 

For the next time out and more fun today
Oh how sweet are these little boot days! 

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