Friday, January 21, 2011


Well around Dec. I rekindled an old love- couponing

I used $429 in coupons in the month of Dec. I spent about the same on groceries- $500, my goal is to limit the spending to $300 this month. Saving the rest to give away or go on a trip.

Since I am a tote lover I found and love this

It opens up

They sell for like 30$ , I'll be adding it to the wish list


for the clutch above

I won a 50$ hobby lobby gift card over Christmas on there!!

what I love about it- it's local, oklahoma stores


be sure and check out her giveaways too!

So I leave you with this...yesterday I got 32 12 oz. palmolive bottles for free! I paid 3$ for tax and I'll be donating them to our foodbank and church!

Proverbs 31:18 & 20
She knows when to Buy or Sell and she stays busy until late at night...And she helps the poor and the needy.

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