Saturday, September 3, 2011


One year ago I was overweight and none of my clothes fit. That was getting ready to change.

Today I ran a 5K race with Kerri-

Who won a cowbell at the GReat STeaks Race in Ringling, OK- coming in at 2nd place , and daughter Kasidy who also won in the 1m division.

Exercise is one of the hardest parts of losing excess weight....

I had no idea how much fun it would be to do all the things I can do now. I can run, I can climb, my kids think I can do the Wipeout show! But I haven't always been that way.

For years I believed the lies-

1. Your a mom. Mom's don't do these things.
Bologna- (which should be spelled beloanie lol but no one asked me) Truth is the kids love to exercise with me- dancing, trampoline jumping, running, walking, swimming, hiking, climbing - they take great joy in the fact that I get in there and do it with them and they are better off from the exercise. They need a role model not just a cheer leader.

2. It's just too much work.
Ok truth is it is work but as with all work there is reward. And I was believing the lie that the reward wouldn't be enough. It takes time to see results. Most people give up too soon. Please let this sink in- there is no feeling like finishing a race- pushing through, enduring the pain, seeing the blessed finish line!

And the fellowship with the others who are doing it too- I have met more cool interesting people at the races. That's not even mentioning the therapy sessions I get with Kerri 2-3 times a week when we run.

3. I don't have time.
Hog wash! You make time. Truth is you find time for the things you need and want to do. You have been given time & you choose how to fill the time. You can get up early (which I highly suggest) and make the sacrifice by going to bed earlier, forgoing late night tv or facebook. Or find time during lunch or be a weekend warrior, getting in 2 workouts a week. You make it a family activity (evening walks or wiifit session) or like me a therapy session with a trust friend. It's time well spent.

side note- if you happen to have just had a baby, pregnant or find yourself after an injury or surgery- hang on, start with reasonable expectations and goals- you will get there! Don't believe the lie that you are too far gone to ever get back into better health. Eat well, stay focused, find support networks and listen to your doctor for sure! 

4. I will be sore. 
Yes you will be but it won't last long, they make recovery drinks, bananas if you want a more organic supplement. Start smart. Don't kill your self, get a trainer, and stretch. On P90X there is a 60 min. video in the rotation that is nothing but stretching...yes it's that important! 

5. Exercise is boring.
Are you kidding? What was I thinking? Do these pictures look boring? Zumba is not boring. Running maybe, but hiking? The fresh air , the new scenery, the life, the connection with other created things..

Over coming a fear of heights....

The view from the top...

Fun ride coming down...

It's adventure and we were made for it. 
Another bordom buster- listen to books on ipods or good fast music- I memorize things from the Bible to occupy the time. Smart phones have apps with encouraging quotes and logs. Vary the routine, too, no one is going to want to do p90x or Jillian Michaels forever- I do a netflix workout at least once a month and am always looking for a new challenge...

like the Jump Rope- 

I set a goal (50) and go until I reach the goal. It took several days of trying. I am goal oriented. Find out what works for you and just do it!

I have been set free from an old way of living that wasn't really living at all by what Jesus did on the Cross, he took my punishment and gave me his spirit. I had wanted to be free a long time before I started living like I was. Many of my decisions were based on lies, ( I'll save the food lies for later). Truth is I have an enemy of my soul (think like how EVERY movie has a villain, where did you think they got that idea?) and there is a plot to take me out. But there is a way , the truth, and life in the person of Jesus Christ. Stepping out in the truth isn't a one time thing. I choose truth each day. Freedom is found one day (sometimes one hour) at a time. Just brace yourself , it's a LONG obedience in the right direction. And it's so incredibly worth it.

To move this body is to worship the creator of it.
 To say thank you with every step.
 To rejoice with every goal met.
 To feel delight in sweet victory.
There are times where I think I'd rather just sing with the band, but I'd miss the incredible scenery if I did.

Putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time,

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LeeAnn said...

Great article, Lori! Thanks for all your tips. I especially like the, "choose truth everyday" part!
You look awesome.