Sunday, August 21, 2011

2nd annual Tote bag awards

We haven't had a totebag award post in awhile. 

It happens when I travel alone with no children.
 I get bored and start people watching, 
then get inspired to write about it. 

So here we go.... 

Winner in the Category of "Most annoying contents"

Left corner, She was toting a dog on a plane, sister had the cat....and guess who got to sit next to them!
And guess who didn't like the airplane? Ms. Yorkie herself.....

Winner - "I am a Pack Mule" category

Maybe there is a new trend here in front packs....

I definitely saw a lot of people wearing them.

Winner- Most Unusual

(not Cody, de lady's lol)

Winner- "Cool Man Bag"

Definitely like the over the shoulder and the neutral color scheme he had going on.

People in Seattle had some interesting wardrobe combinations. This guy was rare.

Winner- " Let's be Twinkies" Category

Winner- "Favorite Youth Award"

Have taught this kid piano for 7 years, he's a good kid, loves Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength!

Winner- "New Tote design for 2011" 

Ok maybe this is old, hard to tell when you don't really shop in malls anymore but I'd never seen it and thought is was a nice design.

Winner- "Cutest Purse" 

Runner Up- "Cutest Purse" 

Winners- "Most effective use of the drawstring tote in large groups" 

No kidding they all had one, must've given them out at the beginning of camp or something. 

Winner- "Use what you have" Award....
Temporary Storage of the massive amounts of bags at falls creek rec area...

Winner- "Totegirl of the Year" 
No one can carry a bag like Shelby.

Winners: Congratulations, you have all won nothing!!!!! Please contact me at to complain.

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