Saturday, August 20, 2011

The ROAR run (#4)

This just proves running is fun. 

ROAR (Reach out and Run for missions! my favorite fund raiser yet)  is my 4th race, ya'll followed all of them

You are probably sick of seeing me run, lol!

Well I ain't done yet, cooler weather is coming and this has become a family thing! I am anxious to improve my time in the fall. 

Look at my baby's form, I love that kid. She wanted new athletic shoes, I made a deal with her- she runs in the Velma race if I bought them. Worked!

She loved racing with her daddy. Cody did this with her then turned around and decided to run the 5k too, stud!

She the gal in the black shirt? She beat me today, I beat her in Velma. Competitions tough in the 30-34 age bracket!

Well Silas likes to start fast. He has things to learn. 

Cody on the other hand does not. 

But as you will see it's not how you start it's how you finish....

Speaking of finish....

Here I came.....

"Mom, can I blah blah blah blah......."

" Mom, did you hear me? Blah blah blah blah blah blah" 

"Mom, why are you breathing so hard? Are you dying?" 

(Heavy panting and grasping for air) "Yes dear daughter? Did you say something?"

"Well you look a little weird...."

"Yes dear daughter I am trying to breath, thanks for that frank assessment. 
And you will be old one day too trying to do young people things and be grasping for breath, do you want to know more about aging?" 

"No here comes dad"

My man finished strong!

Then ran in beside Silas when he came. 

Silas stayed with me till the first mile and begged me to slow down.

But momma said no. 

That's the kind of mom I am. 

Take me or leave me.

I had to stay up with this young lady!

My friend Traci, we ran in Velma and figured out we were same age group- makes running more fun. I hate running against a friend though. 

We both medaled today! 

Along with Mr. Incredible, 

Who did a literal couch to 5K- he hasn't run since the velma race, drank 2 cokes yesterday and stayed up till midnight watching Avatar then got up and ran/jogged 4.2 miles today earning 2nd place! 

There's a lot to say for just "showing up" and doing it!

So last run of the "hot season" 

I medaled all 3 times they gave medals away....

And every time I got second...

At least I am consistent . And in good company.

I thought I had #1 today, didn't know black shirt girlfriend was my age group. Seriously thought she was a teenager. 

So I guess my new theme is 

And guess what.....

We already have a complete line of stuff....

I have a birthday in September!

Even in Spanish! Speaking of Espanol I am teaching my kids spanish...mantente informado (stay tuned)

And lookie what we have here.....

help me Lawd, I think I want one....

( I am second is actually a neat movement, you can find out more here

And here is where to find the stuff

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