Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Job Week 10

Easy week- last wet and wild wednesday followed by our annual Velma Picnic (think carnival/rodeo).

Our church cleaned the grounds in the mornings. Serving our community. I didn't feel the need or calling to participate and exercised freedom to stay in my bed in the mornings.

But Sunday night found us saying goodbye to my summer buddy Sarah.

Praying over her.

More than an intern she was a friend.

She leaves for college soon and has our prayers.

She will bloom there, she's just that kind of soul. She blooms where planted and will make an incredible wife to one lucky man!

She will glorify God in whatever she finds herself doing. She's that kind of believer.

She will worship, she will learn, she will discern his voice from all the other voices. She's that kind of follower.

She will have many friends and influence many. She's just that kind of person.

And I am happy to have found her and spent a summer with her!

In the end I had many expectations for this summer. We planted a lot of seeds in a lot of different lives. God is over the harvest. We were faithful to obey, to teach, to train, to serve and HE is faithful to do his part- the cool part of changing kids and families lives. To HIM be the glory for everything done this summer.

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