Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21st century kids

Last night we got on skype with my brother in Texas. His kids and my kids are close in age and have always enjoyed being around each other. We haven't seen them all summer (lest something like this happen again) and miss them dearly. So we do the next best thing and "use what we have" to keep in contact. So Cady and Josie get together and converse but before long they were "playing" I wasn't invited to play "pet shop high school prom" so I listened as they squealed and laughed with one another through the computer from the other room. Josie at one point said, "I am going to do this next time I get bored." 

It seemed so fun and yet so odd at the same time. 
So 21st century.

Then today I snapped this of my baby, who loves the ipod. 
Who is learning numbers and abc's from an app not a workbook like the older 2 did. 

So cool, yet odd at the same time.
Welcome to 21st century parenting.

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