Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time to talk?

It’s hot in Oklahoma. 
It’s dry in Oklahoma, this year. 

We’ve found ourselves at the public pool a lot this summer. For several reasons. 
  1. I live in a parsonage and the church has yet seen the need for a pool in the backyard. Just imagine all the fun parties we’d have!
  2. My back yard is extremely unlevel. To erect a blow up pool would require way more work than this worn out soul wants to give to the cause
  3. I can not buy and pool and chemically balance it for less than the pool family pass costs. So I’m gonna just leave it to them.
  4. I like a tan and this is an easy, cheap way to get one and a nap. Hallelujah we are out of the baby stage and constant supervision stage- hang on new moms it’s coming for you too!
  5. . I enjoy meeting people at the pool. 
Other moms, kids, interesting travel savvy people. 
I have even met new friends at hotel pools and kept up with them. One of them blog here. 
After our glorious annual Velma Picnic Parade last week we had to go get wet. 
There were some newcomers to the pool and after awhile we introduced ourselves. 30 minutes later I was in awe of God. The mom to 4 told me of her 8 year sobriety and how a church I new had helped her get in a good, safe home for her family and given her a job. How she taught preschoolers now and loved it. I left excited for her and all God had done in her life. 
People’s stories interest me. I love a good biography. I love hours of unplanned conversation after a friend stops by. (Yes that will happen too moms to little ones!)
I love a good redemption story and so do you I bet. Otherwise Extreme Makeover House edition wouldn’t be such a popular show. 
I wish I had time to get to know people more. Like my neighbors and people I knew in high school and my own family I don’t know. 
It occurred to me today we will have all eternity to hear the stories. All the amazing things people have gone through. All the prophets and martyrs throughout the ages of time. Those who know and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ will enter heaven. Everything good thing and a hundred more. Much to explore, much to experience, much to hear. Not only HIS complete story of the redemption of man but all the ways he worked in these individual lives. So please come by and sit awhile and tell me all about your self, I'll have time then!
I am now writing from 2,000 feet in the air. As I look below at planet Earth I am keenly aware and in awe of how insignificant we are in the scope of the created universe. Yet God himself comes down to man and initiates relationship. 
Simply amazed and sleepless on a plane to seattle (with a dog nearby!)

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