Monday, August 8, 2011

The "Love Shop"

Driving through Seattle, windows down, cool air, breathing in fresh air for the first time since May...

Stoplight, store front- "Love Shop" 

Boasts buy one get one porn videos and 6 mannequins with pink over priced lingeries. 

Thought- "Come in, buy this, wear or watch, find love" 

Quick deflector shield up & buzzers going off- "Lie, Lie, Lie" 

Thank you God for truth. 

Truth- Love is a choice. 

Love is sacrifice. 

Love is forgiving, forgoing, long suffering....

Love is found at the end of such things. 

Feelings may begin the process but rarely stay. 

I knew the lie,
 because I knew truth. 

I'd watched my parents, I knew love was sacrifice. 

I'd seen true love in the elderly african american couple 17 years ago in the nursing home....holding on to each other's wheelchairs after 70 years of marriage. 

I knew love was not found in a shop. You can not buy it, you can not force it. You simple take the chance when given and ride the ride and pray -very ,very  hard. 

Enjoying a wonderful reward after 15 years of the ups and downs of loving one man, 

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