Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The evolution of scrapbooking

I am trying disparately to catch up on some ongoing scrapbooks I have.

I am fully aware of the need to perserve history and the wonderful benefits of scrapbooks. I love the ones I have. But we are making more memories than I have time to document.

I bought this book 12 years ago

Scrapbooking was too expensive and too time consuming and quite overwhelming if you ask me. But I had gone to a in home party of a dear friend and after enjoying the creativity of it thought I might be able to do this. One page a year. An anniversary book. We'd been married a few years and in trying to make up for our honeymoon we had found ourselves taking trips each year on our anniversary. I resolved to do this. Besides it was a great way to make sure we spent time on our marriage and celebrated it.

In adding to the album from our recent trip I thought it funny how the book it self showed the change in my scrapbooking creativity.

This was one of the original pages. Color coordination. Use of scissors with different cuts.

cute coordinating sticker sets, oval cut out pictures

2 kids later...still going with this style and added pen embellishments,

use of brochures and color mattes

Remember the gingham galore?

We used sticker letters and acid free paper and cut things to align just so

Then you started seeing a slight change

no more matching stickers, one color only, little creative effort

You start seeing more use of the computer

Which leads us to the last 2 years.....

Life got crazy busy around Oct 2007, luckily the world is trying to help me out. Photo collages are my life now!

I love them. For $2 I got 20 pics on 1 page ( I plan on being married 50 years I need to conserve space), a nice title, lots of color and it took all of 10 min. I used to estimate 1 hour per scrapbook page.

You can do them at Walmart but I have recently discovered Walgreens. They offer weekly coupon codes and I can pick them up next day!

2 years ago I started doing the online books where you design the book and order it. Those are getting better and better, too.

I also print my blog.  A type of online sharing and scrapbooking combined.

My hope is that in 5 generations people who descend from me yet have no idea who I am will know Christ because of the things I leave behind.

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