Friday, August 19, 2011

My Mother, The Saint

Several weeks ago my dear mother went on a mission trip. 

Her job- to make sure these three people didn't blow up things, stayed fed and generally safe while their parents celebrated 15 years of marriage in the pacific northwest. 

Only mothers do these kind of mission trips. 

And they don't get enough credit, thanks or financial and prayer support usually.

After I left I made the comment on facebook, "My mother is a Saint" 

To which my missionary friend in Spain replys, "What were her 3 miracles?" 

He knows about sainthood. 

So here they are, for those who need to know, her 3 miracles she has preformed....

1. She has remained married to this man for 47 years. 

2. She has birthed 4 people which has lead to this.....

 and this was the clincher....

3. When I left for Seattle my microwave was an eco-system in and of itself, I had closed my eyes for months trying to will it away and then when I returned from my trip 
it was miraculously clean and holy again. 


Long live Saint Granny.


David and Amy said...
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David and Amy said...

Awesome, I love it! Your mother truly is a saint. I don't know if you saw my wall post the other day, but I missed the Pope by about 10 seconds. They drove him write in front of our apartment and I didn't even know it until I heard the helicopter. I had been watching the coverage of his arrival on the TV but had tuned it out for a few minutes, and when I looked back at the TV, after hearing the helicopter, I noticed that on the TV was our street.

It really is a bummer that I missed him because I think that you have a strong case here, and if given the opportunity to present to him your blog post I am certain that he would canonize her.


PS My other post was exactly the same but I forgot to sign it, and since Amy and I share a blog I thought it was best if I signed it.

Deb said...

She also cleaned our kitchen floor when she was here - I told Nate "I don't think that floor has ever been that clean" and it miraculously stayed clean for a good week! =)

She also has an amazing way of calming my hyperactive 3 year old in a way that only she and his other grandmother can do. I need her around every day!!! =)