Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Sensual Tour of Seattle

It has taken years (15 I guess) to come to a place that Mr. Incredible and I can travel well. Meaning the whole experience is good. From airports and booking good hotels on a budget to balancing fun and rest and dinner reservations -we have lived and learned through trial and error over the years. Our trip to the Seattle area was as good as it looks....

I thought I'd take you on a little tour of the area....

through your senses



the briny ocean

old & musty on the underground tour

downtown urine smell, 


Washington is a large producer of berries, these were the biggest and sweetest I'd ever had

Seattle is cloudy, cool and rainy, (an exact opposite of Oklahoma) the perfect place for expresso- 
it was everywhere

I'll tell you what a curd is....it's delicious! freshly made there at Beechers in Pike Place Market- you must try a curd sometime


a free chair massage on the ferry ride over to Kingston

to have and to hold :)

touching the past


walking faster on the trail when you hear the roar of rushing water

the hall of guitars at the EMP


until we picked up the kids monday night- 
then it was back to bickering, yelling and complaining

one of these days maybe we'll figure out how to fix that

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