Monday, August 8, 2011

An idea for the kids

I miss my babies....

I nearly grabbed a baby in the church service yesterday I just wanted to hold one. 

My sister had a baby 4 weeks ago and I can't wait to hold that little dainty thing! 

But as much as I miss my kids during this trip, they miss me more (at least I think)

To help the time pass I made them bags, one for each day with treats in them. 

I hid them around the house and they have to call me to get directions to find them. Allows me to check in and get reports on if they are respecting granny like they should!

I added video game rentals, books, candy, new movies, game ideas, art etc. 

Had I been super mom I would've added new art supplies, new project ideas etc. 
But I am not and I'm ok with that. 

Rested & ready for Charis hugs, 

Momma totegirl

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