Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Velma Picnic 2011



Social gathering. 


Team Roping, Double Muggin & Barrel Racing. 

Many things draw people to the Velma Picnic. 

But for these kids it's the rides. 

And just looking cute in boots...

(btw- This is a picture above of Charis and her friends, Alyssia and Chugga- she insisted we get a picture of them) 

But for others it's the draw of the sport of rodeo....

Cody and friend Tanner Jo double mugged this year

Tanner missed roping the steer 2 nights but the nights our dear friends the Longs where there it was a go and Cody took the steer by the horns and took him down

That's Mr. Incredible there on the ground with the steer. Tanner is walking over getting ready to tie him up.

The other guy on a horse has a red flag that he waves to stop time. They didn't win a buckle but it made the picnic more fun :)

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