Friday, August 12, 2011


My theme: Use What what you have. 

I was "going green" long before it was popular. 

Necessity is the mother of invention and I grew up being resourceful. 

An idea from my mother

"Box" Cars, Charis and I are having good times with bubbie and sister at school again.

Cady got to spend nearly a week with my best friend in the whole world...

This was something Cady did while she was there in early June

And my kids went to school with some of last years bags. 

Why? B/c frankly I don't see the need to buy something new just to buy something new. 

We are looking for a new bag for Cady but haven't found a good one yet so we'll wait till we do- her lunch bag was still in great condition. Silas' backpack was bought for 3$ at Walmart in the spring- check the clearance aisles people!

So here's some other use what you have ideas....

Containers of all kinds

Tall ones can hold pencils or markers in the car or small toys, but we use them mostly for snacks- they fit in cup holders wonderfully, no worry if they get left somewhere and your snacks don't get smashed. 

the small red one I use for beads or crayons, buy a large bag of m&ms or skittles after a holiday for next to nothing then put in these for ballgame snacks or in the car or check out line (oh my yes need it there)

another cool idea for those- I make my own koolaid mixers, instead of buying the expensive packs of individual water flavorings, I take a koolaid package and 1 cup sugar and mix then divide it out among 4-6 of these containers- kids can add them to water bottles later for koolaid on the spot (this was Cady's idea by the way)

the small one on the end is see through which adds fun, for little ones put little sqinkies or some other miniature toy in there and then add rice for a hide and seek game, be sure and glue the top on or you'll have a mess

I use them in desk drawers to hold all kinds of things from paper clips to box tops, they also do great in the car cup holders and would work in kids lunch boxes for crackers or candy!

One I'm quite proud of- took an old baby changing pad from a diaper bag, folded it, sewed a straight line on either side and now I use it to carry my lap top! it worked perfectly

Before you throw it away ask yourself could I do anything else with this? 

Before you buy something, ask do I have anything at home already I could use? 

You'll be amazed!

Leave Comments of your Recycling, we'd love to hear them 

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Shannon said...

We had a couple of old lunch boxes and Lucas is always taking "a smidge" of his Legos when he goes to a friend or his grandma's house in a shoe box with a rubber band around it. Well, it usually ends up getting dropped and Legos are everywhere. So we put them in the lunch box that had sharks all over it and it zips completely closed and has a handle. Problem solved!

Danica had an old Littlest Pet Shop lunch box with the extra zip compartment on the bottom for a sandwich box. We turned it into a train case for when she goes visiting. It can hold brushes, hair bows, etc. and those "caboodles", etc they sell are so expensive!