Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not Just Another Mission Trip

Since I've been blogging ( 3 years this month) I have been on 5 mission trips. Most I've documented....

California, SW 3 city tour,  Nepal, Alabama

I wasn't technically supposed to go on this one. It was a guys trip so I planned a me and my mom and kids trip at the same time. That fell through and Cody's "guys" weren't too many so he wanted us to come. So we came. And it's been not just a mission trip...

It's been a new friends trip.....

Tanner Britt, who has won Charis' heart! She sings songs about him, what could be more flattering?

Lisa Fruit, usao college student, aka Jugy

wonderfully fun young lady called to missions and super with kids!

And Chris, another usao student (far right)

he's great at carrying Charis up hills (even with foot issues)

Tanner Jo, a new believer who I just love...he's awesome, he makes me laugh.

Valley Life's first get together....Cady and Charis lead games and hold sweet babies...

It's been a trip of seeing how big God is...

It's so not about us, our plans, our dreams. Only God can do this, pull resources, call people, provide people, hearts and ultimately save souls!

If I have learned anything I've learned God is big and can do big things, impossible things.

A trip of Tote bags filled with cool things....

Mr. Incredible and his out of date IPad, lol.....

speaking of Mr. Incredible look what else he can do...

Ms. Bailey and her wonderful recorder performances while waiting on the vans to pick us up after distributing the door flyers!

water, what a wonderful thing....this was our hike up on a hill to pray for the valley and valley life church

A trip of great food and wonderful fellowship (mostly around the table :)

lunch break on the door flyer hanging days, Cady said it was the best lunch she' ever had!

Valley LIfe's first "get together" was fun and very encouraging! 

The church will meet in a promenade area so we spent some time there, shopping and talking. 
Lisa and I did a starbucks run one night with my girls and Charis started playing with 2 twin girls her age. They had fun picking every single flower off the potted plants while we got to know their mom and grandma (from Iraq) .Muslims who were excited to know about ValleyLife - hoping we'll see them again someday! I love starbucks table talks!

While Brooke fed us very well we did go out twice, once to PF Changs- Kung Pow Chicken (non breaded) only way to go! 

We also had a blast at Pappaduex's - WONDERFUL food, most of our crowd had never been, the food was great but the stories and laughs were even better. Everything's better around a table, I am convinced. 

And lastly the oil and vinegar store! Olive Creations. There are so many good things in this world, only a preview of what is to come in the new heavens and earth- can't even imagine the wine at the Marriage SUpper of the Lamb (sorry but my Revelations study just makes it into every conversation) 

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