Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So proud

Almost 2 years ago I met a girl at the pool in a hotel while at a convention. This has happened before. And I felt a connection to her. Talked to her, we both blog and have kept up with each other over the last 2 years...

She's the one on the far left.

She follows me here on "my world" and watched me on my weight loss journey in the fall. She felt God leading her in the same direction so we started holding each other accountable through msgs, phone calls, fb, myfitnesspal.com etc.

Today she wrote me that she placed 6th in the weightloss contest she entered! meaning she won some "plunder"

She hasn't placed at all the whole time but God blessed her with a 5 lb weight loss this last week! She has lost 25lbs altogether and we will continue to stay accountable even though the contest is over.

Angela has been so adamant and faithful to repent and seek the Lord, I am so incredibly proud and happy for her- may many be inspired....

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