Saturday, April 9, 2011

The laundry Room Remodel

Well since remodeling the kids rooms in August 

1.  It's been hard to walk in the girls rooms.
2. Cady is asking for her own space. Something about Charis talking at night
3. Two girls in one room is a lot of clothes and shoes.

So we have gone ahead and converted the laundry room into a closet so we can put our room in what we called the family room, which doubled as teaching room/guest room/workout room

It's been a SLOW process. We've done all the work ourselves so finding time is hard.

I had envisioned a "make do" plan but Mr. Incredible wanted real shelves. And he built them by golly.

We are still a long way from being done but here's what we started with...

Once we got all the existing junk out we could finally see the floor and it's lack of acceptableness. :)

Where a small upper cabinet set, removed for making of lots of shelves.

The more we uncovered the more there was to do....

Like a paint job...

New floor. Konecto. Boy we love it. Went in very easily, we discovered it last year when we had to remodel a rent house. Very durable, flexible and not bad looking.

Stay tuned...

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