Monday, August 23, 2010

The big Switch- kid rooms remodel

6 years ago I tapped into my neighbor, who was quickly becoming a dear friend's, incredible creative ability...she not only has taught me to texture and paint old furniture, she introduced me to power tools. HER power tools, not her husbands. My mind is very creative and always four year old was into Thomas Trains and our collection was growing all the time. He loved those trains. I wanted to get him a train table for Christmas but I wanted one that could be stored under the bed and pulled out. Couldn't find one. At the time he had a large bed and room to store it. The legs would be removeable. Slide ins. I put my husband to work building it, he and his dad build the top but never could make the removeable legs I wanted so I marched down the hill to my neighbor's and said, "What do I do?" This is what I want. And we figured it out. It was the best Christmas, we had it waiting under the tree with new trains set up - he was SO excited. I loved age 4. sigh

My mind got to creating again and I wanted to make something as big for 2 year old Cady. Pottery Barn kids displayed a book shelf/doll house. Cool neighbor had made one before. She helped me and we did it. Cady used it more for a bookshelf than a Barbie house. But now that's all it is and Barbie has moved in, along with all her naked friends, lol.

All that to say.....

I fell in love in power tools and 2 weeks before Christmas I asked for power tools for Christmas and guess I got them! they even came in a tote bag!

I really haven't used it since 2004, but I brought it back the last few weeks and now understand why Cody always wants me to put his tools back where they belong. I finally got it all together ( in my tool bag that is, not my whole life). And I redid the kids rooms.

I am not unfortunately doing this on my blog, it's on facebook so you'll have to go here to see all the pictures and comments and how I did this all on a dime! not really but I did do it way cheap, under $100 not including paint (that was around 100$  too)

putting that Proverbs 31 woman to shame,
Lori Deevers :)

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"Putting that Proverbs 31 woman to shame" - love it! :)