Monday, August 9, 2010

The Story of Us- the Proposal!

I had ceased anticipating and just about asked for my ring back. It had been 3 months. What was the deal? He wasn’t acting like anything was wrong and he still like to kiss.
You’d think he’d want to make it obvious we were together, since I had entered the college scene the guy choices were much larger. I knew there were more fish in the sea outside of Stephens County! A couple in particular weren’t deterred by the amount of time Cody and I spent together and pursued a lot. Even giving me a list of reasons to leave Cody. While mostly in jest, I did have to compare him to each new person I met. Would so and so make a better husband? Cody won out every time. 
He was probably waiting for Christmas. 
He’d threatened to do it at church in front of lots of people. Um, no, thanks for the warning. And, no.
My first semester of college was finished, I’d gotten straight A’s- finished 16 hours- I was on my way. Now if I could just get my ring back. 
We had brought in a new staff member to help with young adults there at our church. The church would vote in support of the leadership’s decision and then we had a little party planned at our house afterward. With snow on the ground that Dec. 21st night it we enjoyed the party and new friends. As usually Cody waited unitl everyone else left. We didn’t need an audience when we kissed goodnight, (and we liked to take our time- there was much to be said each night :)
I slipped on a light jacket and walked him out to his car. He was very slow, normally he was all on top of things. And he was quiet. Way too quiet for Cody Deevers. After the first 15 min. of very little talking or kissing I knew something was different, something was wrong. 
Was he going to ask me tonight? Really? Here? What am I wearing? Does my breath stink? How do I look? This could be it. IT! 
“Not much to say tonight?”
“ Something wrong?”
Nods no. 
“You are not saying much” 
Well then kiss me :)
We went on for what seemed hours. We had another 2 conversations just like that one when he FINALLY said something. 
“ Do you know where we are? “ 
My front yard, yes, pretty sure.
“It’s where we had our first kiss a year ago.” 
“It is isn’t it” I replied. Smile. This has got to be it. Where’s that ring?
Stall another awkward 10 min, head down, smiling, no words. 
Then in a slowness I had not known Cody possessed and have not seen since he uttered these words...
“ Lori, I love you, would you do my the honor of being my wife?”
Cue ring. No knee bending though- too much snow?
“Yes” hug, “Oh YES!” 
I slipped on the ring, and he went home. I don’t know what he thought that night before closing his eyes in sleep but I practiced saying my new name cause hot dog I was getting married! 
The next day, just a few before Christmas, I went up to the church Cody and my dad were working at for something. Juanita Brown was answering calls that morning and was the first to notice the ring. My mom was with me and was shocked- letting out her notorious laugh. My brother’s would be there soon for Christmas- what would they say? Jon and his girlfriend weren’t married yet and Chris had just had his heart broken. Jon was in and out in no more than 3 days. Chris stayed longer. This would be hard. 
Cause he’d risked it all for love too, and lost- big time.

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