Sunday, August 15, 2010


This may be the fastest post I ever write but God has showed me something on my arm and it has to do with my very slow marathon of the story of us.....

Look closely at my arm. The scar at the bottom of the picture was from cooking through the Pioneer Woman cooks in January. It's still there. Because at the time I didn't have an aloe plant nor a store near by that had good medicine for this.

At the top of my arm is another scar, but good luck finding happened 2 weeks ago. It's healing and I'm so glad it's not presently on my arm. My wonderful neighbor had aloe, the original plant- and it healed it.

This past week I've gone through a "wounding" , not physical but emotional and I am tending to it. In God's word, in singing his praise and on my knees- it's the only way I'm gonna win this battle that's going on inside of me. It's the right medicine for the healing....It's the aloe...and in time I hope I am not still bitter, unforgiving and showing physical signs of my hurt. Wounds properly cared for can heal. Some wounds are deep, and it takes a lot of time. I was burned on my leg as a 10 year old, had the scar for years, but 22 years later you can't see it.

So that's my excuse for being a little silent this week....I'm hurt but healing. Praise God! He is still loves me, he still sees me and he's working it out.

"I am the God that heals you." Exodus 15:6

"Turn to me for Healing." Isaiah 6:10b

found this blog post about healing later by Anne Jackson- she says - "We are each responsible for our own healing" i found that interesting....i guess while God is the healer we still have to seek the healing


becky said...

Love you my friend! Wish I could be there to give you a big HUG!

seawellfamily said...

and he still loves that person who caused the hurt. That thought can maybe help in your healing process. Sometimes people just don't know better. That's why grace and mercy are so important. Bless u and I pray forgiveness comes quickly. And your wounds will be healed in the Light of Jesus!

totegirl said...

that is such a good point seawellfamily, and HE truly does love us all, like a parent wishing their kids would just get a long's so sad we don't appreciate our brothers and sisters in Christ. We can take what others say to the Lord and examine with God's word and not try and get defensive with it taking sides and nursing hurts. The way God works is so amazingly wonderful to me, his Holy Spirit is the Wonderful Counselor and HE alone heals. So in the end HE is glorified and I can say, it is well with my soul.