Monday, August 2, 2010

The Story of Us: Love = Risk

They had cooked thumper. 
And it tasted like chicken. 
I was a traveler. Raised in a family that embraced other ethnicities, cultures and people. I thought of my journey to Oklahoma as a short term mission trip. Get in, get out- do what you can. I never planned on staying. 

Trying rabbit, albeit not by choice, at Cody's Uncle Bob's was just a new experience, right? When in Rome do as the Romans.....Surely not all family gatherings included Bambi's little friend?
It was increasing desire to be with Cody that was throwing me for a loop. The closer we got the more it looked like I wasn’t getting out of Oklahoma anytime soon. And rabbit might become a staple. 

Aunt Vivian was a wonderful cook actually. I loved all the homegrown veggies and homemade ice cream. Remember I was a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan?
We eventually drove off those mountains of Sand Springs and headed back to SW OK . 

The summer was filled with camps and trips with our church. Cody even took the invite to the Southern Baptist Convention in Atlanta with my dad. He came back with stories. Hard not to traveling with my dad. 

As soon as he returned we had a service dedicating the David Baker Youth Center- Cody’s new ministry job. The center was opened everyday for kids to come play, hang out, get snacks and learn more about Jesus Christ. The service was nice. David’s family  was honored and a plaque made. I sang and Cody spoke. 

And the kids came. Those kids were hilarious. I have more stories than I have time to tell. We created the “Good Gang”. When the kids memorized the 10 commandments they got in the “Good Gang” , complete with a t-shirt. We had adults and teenagers joining as well as kids as young as 4. 
A man willing to invest in others, especially children is very attractive. While our days were spent playing pool, ping pong and laughing with kids our nights were spent watching the Rangers baseball, renting movies, or hanging out with friends and family. And saying goodnight. We could really drag that good night kiss out. And night after night it was getting harder and harder. 
My oldest brother came for a visit for several weeks in June. He was living back east. We enjoyed the time together, he and Cody got to know each better. When he went home his fiance left him. Ran off with someone else. We hurt for him. He threw the ring in the forest. 
Love is risky. The deeper you get in, the more it hurts when it ends. The question is when does it end? I have heard it said, “All good things come to an end eventually” This side of heaven that is. While I am all about Jesus I have to admit the initial draw for me was “Happily ever after”. Eternal good times.

So either you split apart here on earth or you love your whole life long and are torn apart by death in the end. But either way it hurts. And it was risky. Too risky? 

Strangely, you don't think about risks when your kissing goodnight at 17, falling more and more in love everyday.


Gooddeeddoer said...
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Gooddeeddoer said...

Hey just wanted to say thank you for sharing this story. You both have seemed to have a grat life and a beautiful family. Wish we all were closer. I miss my ole friend